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Paul Joseph Watson (born 24 May 1982) is a British far-right[ YouTuber, radio host, and conspiracy theorist. Until July 2016, Watson embraced the label “alt-right”, but he now identifies as part of the new right.[ In May 2019, Facebook and Instagram permanently banned Watson for violation of hate speech policies.

Watson’s career emerged through his work for conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones. As editor-at-large of Jones’ website InfoWars, he helped promote fake news and advocated for 9/11, chemtrail, and New World Order conspiracy theories. Subsequently, reaching a significant audience, both Watson and Jones altered their focus. They now mainly focus on criticizing feminism, Islam, and left-wing politics. Watson also contributes to InfoWarss talk radio program The Alex Jones Show, which he occasionally hosts or co-hosts. Watson has been working at InfoWars since October 2002.

Since 2011, Watson has hosted his own YouTube channel, prisonplanetlive, on which he expresses his views on topics such as contemporary society, politics, and modern liberalism in an often mocking manner. He rose to prominence on his YouTube channel by criticizing and mocking the “woke mob”, social justice warriors, feminism and anti-racist movements. As of January 2021, his channel has over 1.9 million subscribers.

Early life

In a 2016 interview for a student newspaper in his native Sheffield, UK, Watson said he grew up on a council estate with little financial resources, and that by 18, he was teetotal and exercising 3 hours per day. However, a 2018 article for The Daily Beast said his birth certificate indicated the family lived in a house in Grenoside, a semi-rural district in the north of the city, which the Sheffield City Council stated they never owned. From just before the age of ten, Watson and his family lived in Loxley, another area of Sheffield.

Watson described his formative moment as when, at the age of 18, he watched The Secret Rulers of the World, a documentary in which journalist Jon Ronson accompanied Alex Jones in infiltrating Bohemian Grove in California, a place where some conspiracy theorists believe global elites plot the New World Order. He has described British conspiracy theorist David Icke, whom he first read as a teenager, as the person who woke him up. Following the Ronson documentary, according to Watson, he started his own website Propaganda Matrix. He registered Global Propaganda Matrix, the company behind his website, in 2004. Watson has said he was first asked to contribute by Alex Jones in 2002, quickly becoming highly paid for his InfoWars work, according to the ex-wife of the site’s founder.

Political self-identification

Watson, along with Jones and InfoWars as a whole, has shifted from mainly commenting on conspiracy theories such as chemtrails, the New World Order and the Illuminati, to increasingly criticising feminism, Islam, and left-wing politics. Watson has been described as a member of “the new far-right” by The New York Times, which wrote in August 2017 that his “videos are straightforward nativist polemics, with a particular focus on Europe” and convey his opposition to modernist architecture and modern art. Iman Abou Atta, director of the anti-Islamophobia group Tell MAMA, has said that Watson “has become ‘the’ nexus for anti-Muslim accounts that we have mapped… He has become an influencer in promoting information—much of it bizarre and untrue—which has been regurgitated by anti-Muslim and anti-migrant accounts time and time again.”

Watson previously described himself as a libertarian and supported Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election. In a 2016 tweet, he said he no longer considered himself a libertarian because Gary Johnson “made the term an embarrassment.” Watson has also called himself a conservative and considers modern-day conservatism a countercultural movement. In a November 2016 Facebook post, he differentiated between the New Right and the alt-right. He claimed that the alt-right “likes to fester in dark corners of subreddits and obsess about Jews, racial superiority and Adolf Hitler.” He and Mike Cernovich have feuded with figures such as Richard B. Spencer and David Duke, who see white nationalism as necessary for the alt-right.

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