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Who is Patricia M. Finnegan? Wiki, Biography, Age, Michael Collins’s Wife, Children, Death

Patricia M. Finnegan Wiki – Patricia M. Finnegan Biography

Patricia M. Finnegan was the wife of Michael Collins.  He was an American astronaut who flew the Apollo 11 command module Columbia around the Moon in 1969 while his crewmates, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, made the first crewed landing on the surface. He was also a test pilot and major general in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Patricia M. Finnegan Age

Patricia M. Finnegan’s age is unknown.

Patricia M. Finnegan & Michael Collins

She was married to Michael Collins.

Michael Collins Cause of Death

Michael Collins Michael Collins — the “forgotten astronaut” aboard the first spaceflight ever to land humans on the moon — died Wednesday after a battle with cancer, his family announced. He was 90.

Collins, who flew on Apollo 11’s three-man crew with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, succumbed to the disease “peacefully,” surrounded by loved ones, his relatives said in a statement.

“We regret to share that our beloved father and grandfather passed away today,” it reads. “Mike always faced the challenges of life with grace and humility and faced this, his final challenge in the same way. … We will miss him terribly.”

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“He may not have received equal glory, but he was an equal partner, reminding our nation about the importance of collaboration in service of great goals. From his vantage point high above the Earth, he reminded us of the fragility of our own planet and called on us to care for it like the treasure it is,” Biden said in a statement. “Michael Collins lived a life of service to our country.”

“It’s a shame that when people are asked, ‘Can you name the Apollo 11 crew,’ Mike Collins is normally the name that doesn’t come to mind,” said French. “Because in many ways he was the keystone of the mission. He was the one who really knew how to fly the spacecraft solo (the only person who flew a spacecraft solo in the entire mission) and the only one who could get all three of them home.”

Collins’ family on Wednesday remembered him as quietly funny with a strong sense of gratitude.

“Please join us in fondly remembering his sharp wit, his quiet sense of purpose and his wise perspective,” the statement reads. “We also know how lucky Mike felt to have lived the life he did.”


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