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Park Ji Sun Wiki – Park Ji Sun Biography

Park Ji Sun was a Korean female comedian. She debuted as a comedian in 2007 after passing an audition at broadcaster KBS, following a brief acting stint. She won an award for new comedians in the first year of her debut. She won several other awards later in her career. She was widely recognized for her work on various TV entertainment programs.

Park Ji Sun Age

Park died in November 2020. She was 35 years old. She was from Incheon, a port city west of Seoul.

Death – Suicide

On November 2, 2020, Police found Park Ji Sun and her mother dead at Park’s residence in Seoul’s Mapo district after receiving a report from her father that he could not contact either of them.

Seoul Mapo Police Station said, “No foul play is suspected, as there was no sign of a break-in and what was presumed to be a suicide note was found.” The suicide note, which appeared to be written by her mother, indicated Park had been suffering from the disease and that she could not let her suffer alone.

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Comedian Kim Ji Min paid tribute to Park Ji Sun on Instagram. Ji Min wrote: “We met as a senior and junior in the industry and then we were friends of the same age..We’d laugh as we talked about each other’s charms rather than our flaws, and we’d cry as we laughed. Even that was a small source of happiness, and I miss our times together so much that my heart aches..

“Ji Sun.. Ji Sun. The ‘1’ [indicator that a message has not been read] on KakaoTalk isn’t going away so.. I’m writing this post.If you’re still here, please read this post. I’m sorry that I couldn’t see you one more time. I’m sorry for asking how you were sometimes as an excuse for the time passing. Ji Sun, you’re someone who is truly loved. So I hope that you won’t leave feeling lonely and will fill your heart with all of our love for you as you go. Have all the talks with your mother that you hadn’t before.. and enjoy all the happiness that you hadn’t experienced in that place every day. I love you, Ji Sun.”

Cause of Death

Park’s cause of death was an apparent suicide. On November 3, 2020, Police said they will not conduct an autopsy to determine comedian Park Ji Sun’s cause of death at the request of her family. The police said they will continue to investigate the exact cause of death.


Park was reportedly under treatment for a skin disease.

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