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Oscar Saxelby-Lee Wiki – Bio

Oscar Saxelby-Lee, from Worcester, was given a ‘life of death’ three month race against time to find a stem-cell match after his aggressive form of leukaemia worsened.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee Age

He is 5 years old.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee Family

parents of Boy Olivia Saxelby, 26, and Jamie Lee, 23, were left devastated when they discovered the disease had returned despite Oscar of stem cell transplant last spring.

They suffered further heartache when they were told the NHS would not fund a second transplant or a potentially new cell therapy treatment.

The guardians of a five-year-old kid who won the country’s heart in his fight against an uncommon malignant growth have uncovered their euphoria in the wake of being told the sickness has gone.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee, from Worcester, was given a ‘crucial’ three-month attempt to beat the clock to discover an undeveloped cell coordinate after his forceful type of leukemia compounded.

In excess of 10,000 individuals reacted when a supplication went out for potential undifferentiated organism givers – of which 5,000 of those lined in the downpour to be tried.

After a match was discovered, it was wanted to be the initial step to relieving Oscar, who had uncommon T-cell intense lymphoblastic leukemia.

Fundraising Drive to Raise

The desperate couple launched a fundraising drive to raise £500,000 needed to send Oscar to Singapore for a trial of a new therapy, called CAR-T cell therapy.

The campaign became the fastest online charity appeal ever and reached its target in three weeks in October.

The youngster flew to Singapore over Christmas to have the therapy and a second bone marrow transplant in a bid to save his life.

CAR-T – chimeric antigen receptor T-cell – therapy is tailored to each individual patient.

It includes reconstructing their invulnerable framework cells which are then used to focus on the malignant growth.

On Thursday, his pleased guardians uncovered they had been revealed to Oscar was MRD negative – which means there is no indication of the ailment following treatment.

They posted on Facebook: ‘OUR GREATEST NEWS.

‘From “his malady is excessively forceful” and beginning palliative consideration to “MRD negative”! NO DISEASE DETECTED!

‘We know it’s initial days and anything can happen particularly with his bone marrow being level, however for the time being we are commending the news that we never figured we would hear.


‘Much obliged to you, thank you, thank you from the base of our souls to every one of you for making this conceivable.

‘We are not terrible, but not great either not really good or bad soooooo pleased!

‘In spite of the fact that Oscar still needs another bone marrow transplant and we are far off full recuperation to get back home, we are celebrating at this enchanted time in our lives!

‘We are actually THE proudest guardians at the present time!


Leukemia is a malignant growth that starts in blood-shaping tissue, as a rule the bone marrow.

It prompts the over-creation of strange white platelets, which fend off diseases.

Be that as it may, a higher number of white platelets implies there is ‘less space’ for different cells, including red platelets – which transport oxygen around the body – and platelets – which cause blood to cluster when the skin is cut.

There are a wide range of sorts of leukemia, which are characterized by the insusceptible cells they influence and how the infection advances.

For various types joined, 9,900 individuals in the UK were determined to have leukemia in 2015, Cancer Research UK insights uncover.

What’s more, in the US, around 60,300 individuals were told they had the illness a year ago, as per the National Cancer Institute.

Most cases have no conspicuous reason, with the malignancy not being infectious or acquired.

Leukemia for the most part turns out to be increasingly basic with age – the special case being intense lymphoblastic leukemia, which tops in youngsters.

Other hazard factors incorporate being male, presented to specific synthetic compounds or radiation, and some bone-marrow issue.

Indications are commonly ambiguous and deteriorate after some time.

These can include:


Visit diseases



Substantial periods, nose drains or draining gums


Brevity of breath

Intense leukemia – which advances quickly and forcefully – is regularly reparable through chemo, radiotherapy or an undifferentiated cell transplant.

Ceaseless types of the ailment – which normally progress gradually – keep an eye on hopeless, be that as it may, these patients can regularly live with the infection.

Oscar’s Treatment

Oscar, who had been treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital since December 2018, is expected to remain in Singapore for six months.

His appeal was backed by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, which has been collecting money on the family’s behalf.

Dr Jen Kelly, the trust’s founder, said: ‘On behalf of the trust, I would like to thank everyone that has supported Oscar’s campaign in any way.

‘In particular mentioning the amazing team at Pitmaston Primary School, both the staff and parents who have gone to the most extraordinary lengths to make Oscar’s huge campaign a reality.

‘The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is very proud to have been able to play a key role in Oscar’s campaign and we will continue to help support Oscar and other children affected by childhood cancer wherever possible.’

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