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According to an Atlanta police report, officials arrived at the scene and saw firefighters perform CPR on a lethargic person of color. Officials met Ms Ortencia Alcantara, who recognized the person as Mr Kevin Samuels, as indicated in the police department’s report.

Was the woman who spent the night with Kevin Samuels a nurse? When Kevin Samuels promptly complained of chest discomfort during the early part of the day, whoever had broken up with him the previous night was completely damaged, and as a medical attendant, however, she tried to help. 911 for help.

Ms Alcantara said she met Mr Samuels last night, went to his house and stayed with him all evening.

In addition, as per the police report, Ms. Alcantara said that since she is a medical caretaker, she has asked 911 to contact the front work area to pick up a defibrillator to keep Mr. Samuels alive until Grady arrived.

Kevin Samuels was subsequently expelled from Piedmont Hospital. Who is Ortencia Alcantara? Ortencia Alcantara is an Atlanta native and a prepared medical attendant. She is a single parent with no children.

Nevertheless, there is no data about her on the internet, but she may become a famous problem for a while after the Kevin Samuels occasion.

She may be on Instagram under the username @ortencia Alcantara, but she currently has no posts or stories, and she also made her record private after the incident.

Kevin Samuel’s Death Statement Confirmed Beverly Samuels-Burch, Kevin Samuel’s mother, confirmed his death to NBC News, but would not accurately describe what happened. She guaranteed to watch her child’s demise through online entertainment.

Melanie King, a dear companion of the self-portrayed master Samuels, had recently discovered that she had received family confirmation that the Modern Women designer had passed away.

J. Figuereo, a Georgia cop, has yelled about how he answered a call to the condo where Kevin Samuels lived. It was a phone call about an injured person, according to the official.


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