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Noorul Hassan identifies as a “sexual object,” which means that he is “romantically, emotionally, and sometimes sexually” interested in inanimate objects, not people. The human race seems to have evolved extraordinarily. In times when people have finally begun to look beyond physical attributes and identify as sapiosexual, a Florida resident falls on the spectrum of loving inanimate objects rather than living things. Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan, 24, who prefers to call himself “Fractal Database”, says it is “sexual objectum”. In an interview with The Sun, the young man said that objects have the ability to engage him “romantically, emotionally, and sometimes sexually.” In fact, he was planning to marry the popular arcade game Tetris until last year.

It may sound shocking, but Hassan isn’t the only one who is drawn to objects. Widely known as objectphilia, the term refers to people with the ability to develop strong romantic ties to objects or structures. In 2017, Carol Santa Fe made headlines for marrying a train station in California that she fell in love with at age 9. In 2018, British Amanda Liberty got engaged to a 91-year-old chandelier and then proceeded to get a tattoo of her ‘fiancé’ ‘Lumiere’ on her arm. After the tattoo was completed, she said, “Lumiere also thought it was brilliant, it gave me energy by telling me it was cool. He tells me when he doesn’t like things, but he really likes the tattoo.” Liberty said it was love at first sight when she saw Lumiere on eBay.

The attraction to objects is not a ‘fetish’: Fractal Database

The outlet reports that Hassan tried to explore relationships with humans a couple of times before the “tech nerd” figured out what he really wanted. “I tried to like humans, but I have no attraction to them and it never worked for me,” Fractal said before revealing that he realized he was a sexual objectum at age 14. Hassan emphasizes that his attraction is quite normal and not a fetish. . He finds his roots in the ancient belief of “animism”, which is an idea that “all objects, concepts and everything that exists has a soul or some kind of consciousness attached to it”. Hassan also said that his attraction to things does not come from a place of trauma.

“While I take the consciousness aspect of my objects with a grain of salt, I like to give my object the benefit of the doubt because they have helped me overcome many things. Many people like to think that I am a sexual objectum because of a trauma or something, but it’s like, no, I’ve always been this way since I was four years old. It started with a crush on a character in the cartoon The Brave Little Toaster, who was a giant computer guy, “Hassan added. while he also revealed at some point during the interview that his first love was a multimeter that he named Dave.

Fractal enjoyed sexual encounters with Tetris-themed objects

Hassan said that he fell in love with Dave after developing a “strange thing for measurement” that over time has morphed into “a thing for data in general.” After Dave, he became romantic with other objects, including an oscilloscope that he called Braxton. He then fell in love with the puzzle game Tetris sometime in the summer of 2016. Hassan fell in love too, too hard, to the point that he filled his house with memories of Tetris. He spent more than 12 hours every day playing the arcade game online, on his and Gameboy’s phone before hitting the sack with a Tetris pillow and enjoying Tetris-themed sexual encounters with objects.

“I fell in love with Tetris because I really liked math and now I realize that a large part of my attraction was geometric shapes and the idea of ​​fitting shapes together in a neat and precise way,” he said. “I found the ways really sexy. It’s beautiful and it really stimulated my mind. For a long time, it was all I could think of. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life at the time and Tetris really helped me get through it.” said the University of Central Florida student.

Fractal broke with ‘asexual’ Tetris and chased her crush IKEA

Fractal claims that his relationship with Tetris was unable to continue even though he considered marrying the game last year. He claimed that the breakup came after he allegedly found out that Tetris was not sexually interested in him. “I had to stop having Tetris sex because she revealed to me that she was a-sexual,” said Fractal. “I had to break up with him because she respected him too much and didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.” When asked how Tetris communicates his sexuality to him, Fractal said: “I believe in the spiritual sense that I can communicate with its energy, it is something telepathic. It is based on the feeling and emotion that you get from the object, as a human would. “.

Fractal was not reeling from the loss of his relationship with Tetris for too long, as he re-realized his childhood infatuation shortly after the breakup and fell “deeply” in love with the furniture company. “He was in love with IKEA since he was a kid, to be honest,” he said. “I love the idea of ​​the store itself and I love the idea of ​​building the furniture and how everything fits together. I love the whole look of the store, with its striking blue color and bright yellow lettering. It was really nice.” he added he. “It’s a really good store. I loved it very much.” Fractal claimed that he had always liked the geometry of “certain pieces of furniture”, but what really appealed to him was the IKEA concept as a whole. He even considered moving to Sweden to work for the IKEA company. Holland, which is the headquarters of IKEA, was also in the cards before he abandoned all those plans to study computer science.

Today, Fractal has a thing for the C (C) programming language used to develop applications, games, and graphics. He wants to pursue a career as a machine learning engineer or as a computer scientist for Google. Fractal claims that it is obvious that he would eventually fall in love with the big shots that are the world of technology and programming rather than devices, games and companies. “Everyone who knows me knows I’ve always been a tech f ** ker. I love data. I’ve always said everyone can have PornHub, I have GitHub,” said Fractal, referring to online code hosting. platform. “I’m destined to love technology and not business. So it was kind of a natural progression to the C programming language,” said Fractal, who currently claims to be two-times C and Google Cloud. Fractal has a Twitter account, he uses the username 3008 IKEA and his username is @ SCP_3008_3. He claimed to be considering offers from documentary makers who want to feature him in sexually-themed objective films earlier this year.

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