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Who is Nomachule Mngoma? Wiki, Biography, Age, Malusi Gigaba’s Ex-Wife, Children, Instagram, Net Worth

Nomachule Mngoma Wiki – Nomachule Mngoma Biography

Nomachule Mngoma is the creator of The Noma Gigaba Foundation, which aims to improve educational opportunities for impoverished children in South Africa. She is also the estranged wife of Malusi Gigaba, a South African politician who served as Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa from 27 February 2018 to his resignation on 13 November 2018.

She has made a name for herself as an IT guru and specialist. She has worked with technology all of her life – earning the nickname Mrs. Gigabyte – and takes particular offense to being labeled as a “trophy wife”.

Back in 2018, Norma was the subject of celebrity gossip over the last few years, but she was very much a focal point of political discussion earlier following a row over MPs’ expenses. It was revealed that Norma traveled with her husband across the world to investor roadshows, during his time as finance minister. Her travel costs and expenses came to almost R900 000. DA opposition David Maynier said, although this wasn’t illegal, it was hypocritical of a minister pushing austerity values.

She has always stressed the need for female unity. She’s a huge advocate of women’s rights and frequently dedicates her time towards helping South African women – The Norma Gigaba Foundation also helps underprivileged children receive an education.

Nomachule Mngoma Age

Nomachule Mngoma is 45 years old.

Nomachule Mngoma & Malusi Gigaba

Norma married Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba in 2014. The pair have two children together sons named Nkanyezi and Mvelo, and she even has a famous sister in singer Nandi Mngoma. In the same year they wed, Malusi admitted to having an affair with New York-based fashion stylist Buhle Mkhize. A bitter war of words has ensued between the pair, with Gigaba labeling her love rival as a “prostitute” and “obsessive”.


Former minister Malusi Gigaba used to leave the Gupta compound in Saxonwold, Johannesburg, with wads of cash in a bag.

This is according to his former wife, Norma Mngoma, in an exclusive interview with eNCA.

“They used to give him a lot of money but I don’t know what they were giving him money for. Sometimes he used to say that he did favours for them [the Guptas] so then they will give him money. But it was a lot of cash, all the time. He used to use that money for different things like for his lifestyle, to build his home and also give it to his sister … Even our wedding and honeymoon. So they were always there to help financially, all the time,” she said.

Gigaba took to Twitter about an hour before the interviewed aired to state he was not commenting.

In the about 30-minute interview, Mngoma said her husband, from who she had an acrimonious split, would bring the cash home after visiting the Gupta compound.

The Sunday Times Daily reported in August that Gigaba’s former protector and bodyguard — who was not named to protect his identity — told the state capture commission that the former minister had received cash from the family. This cash was used, among other things, to buy his suits.

Mngoma said: “Though I was not there when they gave him the money, I would see him when we left. Every time when we were there he used to carry the bag and they will give him money and when we get home he used to take the money out and put it in the safe and pack it.”

When asked how much money and how often they visited the Guptas, she said: “We used to go there frequently but sometimes they used to come to our house as well. But we used to go there a lot, especially when he was at DPE [the department of public enterprises], lesser at home affairs, but at DPE it was a lot.

“There was a time he was asked in parliament how many times he had been there and he was like, it was occasional and he could not remember, but when we were there, there were no occasions, there were meetings … They were working.”

Pre-empting the tell-all on Thursday evening, Gigaba tweeted: “To Whom It May Concern. Please note that I shall not be commenting on any aspect of the Moja Love TV audition which will be airing on eNCA at 18h00, tonight. My energy is exclusively reserved for my fight with the askaris who are the de facto puppet masters. #LongLiveTheAnc!”

Mngoma, who has ditched Gigaba’s surname, is in the middle of a legal spat with her estranged husband after a breakdown in their marriage. Divorce proceedings are underway.

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Asked why her phone was taken when she was arrested recently, she said: “We have been traveling together and also I think because most of the stuff is because we visited the compound together, the Gupta house, which I think he thinks that I took the pictures of some meetings. Some of the time when there were meetings there I was there, though I did not join in on any meeting.

“I used to sit on the side or sit in another room. Though they used to ask us to leave our phones outside but, like, 30 minutes later, I used to get bored and go fetch my phone. So this year when he started to prepare for state capture he was asking me a couple of questions like do I still remember when we were discussing the appointing of people and I said no I never sat in on any meeting.

“So he is so paranoid about what I know and also because our marriage is not there anymore.”

Mngoma added that her former husband used to receive gifts from the Guptas.

“When I used to ask him things he used to say that he declared them or maybe it is gifts or for favors because he did favors. I did not know which favors that happened between him and the Guptas because I have never sat with them. I have never even received a call from the Guptas but I know them because we were frequently there [at the house].

“I found him there with the Guptas so I don’t know how long they have known each other because, mina, I was new to this whole thing … I did not know what was wrong and what was right,” she said.

Mngoma said she noticed that everything was amiss only when the media began to write about her husband’s relationship with the controversial family, which started at the heart of the country’s descent into state capture.

“He used to say it was a campaign to destroy [his] name, so I do not know what was exactly wrong. What I know is that sometimes we visit, sometimes you get gifts … I did not know what was wrong but now I know because he is so paranoid, scared, saying I should not say this and not say that … and I told him, hawu, I thought you declared this and you said this was OK,” she added.



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