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Nolan Dehon is a Louisiana cop who repeatedly zapped a 67-year-old Izell Richardson Jr with a Taser, taunting the man by telling him to scream in a shocking new bodycam footage that captures the moment. Body camera video captured the intense moment Port Allen Officer tased Richardson Jr.

Police arrived at Richardson’s home in March 2021 after he broke a window in the home he shares with his sister. The footage captured by the body camera shows Officer Dehon threaten Richardson. The Port Allen city council is set to decide whether Dehon will keep his job on May 5.

Nolan Dehon Age

Nolan Dehon’s age is unknown

Bodycam captured Officer Nolan Dehon

The more than 45-minute body camera video shows the officer still arguing with Richardson after he’s at the police department, even as emergency crews rushed the man to the hospital.

“Scream again, go ahead, scream,” Dehon is heard saying. Once Richardson starts screaming for help, Dehon unleashes his taser twice within 10 seconds.

When Richardson, who is handcuffed, yells for help from the back of the police cruiser, Dehon zaps him twice, KMOV-TV reported.

“He said, ‘If you holler one more time, then I’m going to pop you again,’ and he put it right to my heart and it went, pow, and I went out,” Richardson told the station. “Something’s got to be done.”

The March 27 hearing unfolded after Richardson broke a window at the home he shares with his sister because he lost his key, WAFB-TV reported. Cops responded to the home, where Richardson is seen on the footage sitting on the front porch while Dehon points the Taser at him.

“Come out of there before I light you up,” the cop is heard saying. “You don’t have to handle me rough” Richardson replies.

He’s then handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car, where he yells for help before he’s confronted by Dehon, who tases him twice in 10 seconds.

Dehon and another cop are heard discussing possible charges against Richardson once they determine the broken window is in his own house. “So now, yeah, this is disturbing the peace with him doing all of that hollering.”

Suspended from Job

The cop has since been suspended without pay, and faces felony charges of malfeasance in office and aggravated battery, KMOV said. Richardson was never charged with a crime, and Dehon faces a May 5 hearing.


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