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Passi is a finance specialist who founded his Missguided style factory in Prestwich, Greater Manchester. He has worked closely with Nicole Scherzinger, Sofia Richie and Sean John as his accomplice.

In addition, he is a great person with a business mind. He teams up with VIPs to grow his market and publicize his clothing in friendly destinations.

Where Is Missguided CEO Nitin Passi From Passi was born in Cheshire in November 1982. In the current setting, he is 39 years old. He grew up in Surrey and Hong Kong.

Nitin Passic
Born Nov 1982
Nationality British
activity Businessman

Nitin came from a wealthy family, so he started living in New York City. Likewise, his grandfather came from the UK and moved to India for a superior open door.

In addition, his grandfather established a knitwear production line in India in the 1960s. Therefore, he has a business mind like his predecessor. In addition, Nitin has joined Cranleigh School and completed his only ranger’s in Management from Newcastle University.

Furthermore, he has used his business mind in his father’s design distributor and later founded his style shop Missguided by taking an advance from his father. He’s gotten a hold of the market a potentially open door by seeking the interest of the more youthful ladies.

Gay rumors as fans wonder about his wife Passi is believed to be a person but is not confirmed about his sexual orientation. He had seen Sofia Richie in 2019 for the SofiaRichemissguided collab. The collab with Sofia Riche was on September 19, 2019, where he shared several photos of Sofia.

Also, he is not open about his relationship and keeps his mouth shut about his significant other. As reported by Business Telegraph, Passi came into contact with Naina in 2018. Nevertheless, there is no report about his life partner.

Furthermore, he is a young darling and has referred to his cousin Shanaya on her third birthday. He has given the statue to children and will later be a caring father.

Nitin Passi Net Worth 2022 Explored The net worth of Passi has not yet been confirmed. As per The Sunday Times Rich List, his net worth in 2019 was around £250 million. He is a design retailer and the organizer behind the style organization. He has collaborated with several famous people for the Missguided collab.

In addition, he is the entrepreneur who is the organizer behind Missguided. He acts as the style diva of UK-based multi-channel clothing sales.

In addition, he has used $3,000 to set up the Missguided site with £50,000 in credit. Be that as it may, he had repaid the amount in just six months with the improvement of his business.


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