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The teenager, identified as Nisayah Sánchez, died early Thursday after two men jumped out of a gray Honda Accord and shot him in the head and chest on East 187th Street near Prospect Avenue in Belmont around 12:50 p.m. Wednesday, police said. A 16-year-old gang member with a long list of criminal records, including 10 felony arrests, was shot and killed in the Bronx this week – but he may not yet have been the intended target in the blatant shooting in broad daylight, according to authorities and law enforcement sources.

Law enforcement sources told The Post on Thursday that Sanchez was a member of the Crips and Keyway Crew gangs, and had been arrested 18 times – 10 felonies and eight misdemeanors dating back to May 2017.

“The gangs are eating these children alive and the juvenile justice system is simply giving them more bodies,” said a police source. “It’s kill or be killed.” Sánchez was last arrested on September 5 for possession of weapons and later released, sources said. He has three other open arrests for weapons, one from August 2020 and two from March of that year, according to sources.

He has also been arrested for assault, threat and grand theft, sources said.

The motive for the shooting was unclear Thursday morning, however, a 23-year-old man who was with the teenager was also injured in the shooting, and investigators are investigating the possibility that the suspects may have been targeting him. , and not the adolescent. teenager, police sources said.

Police say two men got out of the car, approached the victims with guns and fired multiple rounds. They then returned to the Honda and took off, heading west on East 187th Street. The older victim is in St. Barnabas Hospital, with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds to his left arm and right foot, officers said.

Shea spoke about the case of Sánchez and the death of Jaden Turnage, another 16-year-old boy shot to death in Bedford-Stuyvesant Wednesday night, during an appearance on WPIX Thursday morning.

“My question is simple: how many children have to die before we fix these laws?” I ask.

“[Sachez, who] He was murdered in the Bronx yesterday, has a criminal record as long as my arm. We are not helping these children by putting them back on the streets. In fact, what we are actually doing is encouraging others to bear arms, because it is necessary because no one is being taken off the streets. It doesn’t take mass incarceration, it takes common sense, and it takes leadership and courage to say we have to fix these laws. ”

“How is it possible that they arrest a 16-year-old boy in months, three times with firearms?” Shea asked. “And I don’t mean the times he was arrested for stabbing people, or with a machete, or with a dagger, because all of those are also facts. What is happening in the streets right now is the real crisis. ”

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