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Nika Dubrovsky Wiki – Biography

Nika Dubrovsky is the well-known wife of David Graeber. He was an American anthropologist, anarchist activist, and author known for his books Debt: The First 5000 Years (2011), The Utopia of Rules (2015), and Bullshit Jobs: A Theory (2018). He was a professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics.

Graeber was the professor of anthropology at the London School of Economics and wrote the book Debt: The First 5000 Years which was published in 2011. His other books include 2015’s The Utopia of Rules and 2018’s Bullshit Jobs: A Theory. In addition to his involvement with Occupy Wall Street, Graeber was also known for his activism with the Global Justice Movement. On his Twitter page, Graeber described himself as “an anthropologist, sometimes I occupy things & such. I see anarchism as something you do not an identity so don’t call me the anarchist anthropologist.”

On August 28, Graeber said in a YouTube video that he had been feeling “a little under the weather” but was beginning to feel better. The same day, Graeber tweeted that he had “not been in tip-top shape.” On August 31, Dubrovsky tweeted a photo from Venice with the caption, “Venice. Dark, wet and chilly.” Graeber was active on Twitter until the day before his death.

In August 2020, Graeber was interviewed in a special edition of the street newspaper The Big Issue. The special edition was edited by British singer Jarvis Cocker.

According to Graeber’s LinkedIn page, he is a graduate of SUNY Purchase and attained a Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Chicago in 1996. Graeber’s first teaching job was as an assistant professor of anthropology at Haverford College. In 1998, Graeber began working as an associate professor at Yale University. Graeber remained in that role until June 2007. Since September 2007, Graeber had been teaching at the University of London’s School of Economics. A profile on SUNY Purchase’s website referred to Graeber as “one of the most brilliant minds of his generation.”

A 2011 Rolling Stone article attributed the phrase, “We are the 99%,” to Graeber in a piece on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The phrase had been mentioned by economist Josep Stiglitz’s in a May 2011 article for Vanity Fair. The Rolling Stone article mentioned that Graeber suspected his teaching job at Yale was discontinued because of his “radical actions.” The article also said that Graeber decamped to Austin, Texas, four days after the physical protest began in Zuccotti Park in New York City.

Nika Dubrovsky Age

Nika Dubrovsky’s age is unclear. However, her husband David Graeber was 59 years old. He was born on 12 February 1961, in New York, United States.


Graeber married Nika Dubrovsky in April 2019. On April 25, Dubrovsky tweeted a photo of the couple with the caption, “Going for a wedding.” Graeber retweeted the photo and added, “I’ve never been married before.” He also said, “I have never been more moved than that someone who actually knows me would want to be with me forever.”

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Graeber has tweeted in the past that his wife is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, and grew up in the Soviet-era. Graeber tweeted that his wife struggled to watch the United Kingdom’s public broadcaster the BBC because it reminded her too much of the Soviet propaganda of her youth. In 2019, the couple founded Yes Women, an art group that sought justice for ostracized women in former East Germany.

David Graeber Cause of Death

David Graeber, the anthropologist who was influential in the Occupy Wall Street movement and is believed to have coined the phrase, “We are the 99%,” has died at 59.

Graeber’s death was confirmed on the morning of September 3 by his wife, Nika Dubrovsky. Dubrovsky tweeted, “Yesterday the best person in a world, my husband and my friend. @davidgraeber died in a hospital in Venice.”

As news spread of Graeber’s death, his peers as well as his fans, took to Twitter to mourn him. Here are some of the most poignant messages of remembrance:


Net Worth

David Graeber’s net worth is unclear.


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