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Kaylee Jade’s mom Nicole Priest was caught on TikTok moving and mimicking a tune around the room in about 45 days of her little girl’s destruction.

A three-year-old Kaylee Jade was reportedly found dead on August 9, 2020 at the level of her mother Nicola Priest in Birmingham, England.

Nicola Priest and her then-lover Callum Redfern were seen as guilty of murdering her young girl. Then on Thursday, August 6, a jury sentenced them to 14 years in prison for murder.

The innocent child was murdered for intruding on her mother Nicole Priest while she was busy with her beau. The investigation found a text from a priest who took steps to murder the child a few days earlier.

Kaylee Jade TikTok Video Update Kayle Jade’s mom sent a video about the death of a little boy after she was tracked down and charged with murder. Nicola Priest mourned her little girl of three, as seen on the TikTok cuts.

According to freely consulted court information, Nicole Priest was charged with youthful ruthlessness in the death of her little girl, Kaylee-Jayde Priest, in Solihull, West Midland, United Kingdom, on August 9, 2020.

Footage transferred to @nikkip210, a record that Priest appears to hold, a film of her and her girl who saddened Kaylee-Jayde in the weeks following her passing in 2020.

One of the TikTok recordings highlighted an old closure of the girl snuggling in her mother’s tummy and photos of her child’s young lady composed as “Tear my child” and Nicole saying, “I will always remember her, my love and point.”

Where could mom Nicole Priest be today? Nicole Priest and her then-beauty Callum Redfern are currently being cared for after being coerced into murdering Kaylee-Jayde Preist. They were indicted on charges by an appointed authority of murder in 2020.

Nicola Priest, 23, of Poplar Avenue, Edgbaston, and her accomplice, Redfern, age 22, refused murder and manslaughter and allowed the death of a small child.

Since the couple was imprisoned, Mr. Justic Foxton QC that both had constantly lied about their activities and never sought help while directing so could have saved Kaylee’s life.

Nicole Priest was dismissed with 15 years of custody for the murder charges in addition to three years concurrently for the child’s ruthlessness.

Investigate Kaylee Priest’s Father and Family Records After the “happy and seductive” young lady, Kaylee Priest, was pronounced dead, her progressive father announced his destruction while honoring the excellent soul.

Kaylee Priest’s progression father Dan Gregory, 22, portrayed the youngster carrying her on his shoulders. He has raised money for her dedication and set up a GoFundMe page.

Dan Gregory of Chelmsley Wood said: “Kaylee Priest grinned constantly and was a very honest kid who lost her life at such a young age.”

So far, the fragments containing data on Kaylee Priest’s biological father and other relatives are still missing from the internet.

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