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Nick Pompeo Wiki – Nick Pompeo Biography

Nick Pompeo is the son of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and wife, Susan. He is the couple’s only child.

In October 2020, Nick Pompeo, 30, was named in an NBC News report regarding allegations that the Pompeo family had “mixed personal, official business.” Following his father’s swearing-in as Secretary of State in April 2018, the NBC News report alleges that Nick Pompeo emailed State Department officials to thank them for a private tour they gave to him and his mother.

The NBC News report quotes Pompeo as saying in the email, “I also want to reinforce my willingness to help your mission in any way I can. We view this as a family endeavor, so if you think there is any place I can add value, don’t hesitate to reach out.” The report went on to allege that Pompeo sought involvement in an educational computer programming event being held by the State Department. Pompeo works as a sales executive with a software company. The NBC News report says that the State Department asserts that Pompeo’s company was not involved in the event.

Pompeo said in a May 2013 tweet that when he left college, his father “offered to loan me $500/month at 8.3% interest compounded daily. Thanks, dad.” According to Pompeo’s LinkedIn page, he graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013 with a bachelor of arts in journalism with a concentration on strategic communications. During his time at the school, Pompeo was a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Following The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg’s allegations that President Donald Trump besmirched the legacy of U.S. military service members, Pompeo retweeted Goldberg adding, “Zero named sources. Not a one. Shameful.”

In 2020, Pompeo attained an MBA from Cornell University with a concentration in executive leadership.

Following his graduation from Kansas University, Pompeo spent two years working in sales at 21st Century Fox. In July 2015, Pompeo began working for Looker, a data exploration and discovery business intelligence platform. Between 2015 and October 2020, Pompeo rose from account executive to sales leader. Pompeo worked for Looker at the time of his father’s swearing-in as Secretary of State.

In February 2020, Looker was acquired by Google for $2.6 billion. Pompeo worked for Google until October 2020 when he became the vice president of a company named WestCap and a board member of a business named Highline Wellness.

Nick Pompeo Age

Nick Pompeo is 30 years old.

Nick Pompeo Was Adopted by His Father

According to his father’s Our Campaigns profile, Pompeo attends the Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

According to an August 2019 New Yorker feature, Pompeo was adopted by Mike Pompeo after the Secretary of State married Susan Justice Mostrous in 2000. At the time, Nick Pompeo was 8 years old. The New Yorker article says that Nick Pompeo was Moustrous’s son from her “second marriage.” Moustrous was Mike Pompeo’s second wife, in 1986 he married a woman named Leslie Libert.

Susan Moustrous was quoted by The New York Times as saying of her son’s adoption, “It was a person, emotional moment when we first told Nick that we were going to get married.”

Pompeo Thought His Father Was Joking When He Told About His Appointment as CIA Director

Wired reported in October 2019 that when Mike Pompeo was selected to become the director of the CIA in November 2016, he called his son. The article said that Pompeo believed his father was joking as his father had often spoken about his desire to become the deputy director of the agency. Nick Pompeo told his father, “Dad, you overshot.”

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Secretary of State Pompeo served as CIA Director from 2017 until 2018. In August 25, Mike Pompeo mentioned his son and wife in a pro-President Donald Trump tweet saying, “I have a big job…as Susan’s husband and Nick’s Dad! We are all safer, and our freedoms more SECURE, because President Trump has put his AMERICA FIRST vision into action.”

Secretary of State Pompeo Has Said His Son Keeps Him Humble & Provides a ‘Millennial Point of View’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote in an October 2019 speech published on the State Department website that his son keeps him “humble.” During the speech, the former congressman from Kansas described an anecdote involving his son:

So I’m going to get off an airplane the other day at 3 o’clock in the morning, I forget where I was, and he texted me. It was a different time here on the East Coast. And he texted and said, “Dad, you almost fell down.” And he was not worried about me; he was worried about America. (Laughter.) He did not want me to embarrass America. (Laughter.) There is absolutely no shortage of leadership wisdom gathered from raising a teenage boy, I can certainly tell you that.

During Mike Pompeo’s confirmation hearings in 2018, he reiterated the humility his son brings him. The Secretary of State added, “Nick keeps me humble, keeps my sense of humor alive, and provides me, unfiltered, a millennial point of view!”


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