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Influencer Nessa Barrett took to Twitter to defend TikTok star Annie Bonelli, aka Scar Girl, who faced criticism from several internet users who claimed her facial scar was fake on Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Annie was recently asked about the authenticity of her scar. Internet users compared older photos of the TikToker, which showed a reddish faded scar, with a much darker one in recent uploads. They claimed that she was “playing around a bit” on social media. Nessa Barrett took to her Twitter to defend Annie in an attempt to end the unfair treatment.

Nessa Barrett slams Scar Girl critics for ‘bullying and harassing’ her

Nessa Barrett, a social media influencer, defended her fellow creator in a series of tweets from her on her @nessabarrett account. She called out all internet users using her energy to “harass” a girl for a facial scar, something she has no control over, instead of using it to kick those who deserve it off the platform.

She empathized with Annie’s situation, stating:

“I don’t get the whole scar girl thing, but I feel sorry for her because she’s getting a lot of hate.”

Nessa added that it didn’t matter if it was fake or not. Scar Girl Annie Bonelli did not deserve the “bullying and harassment” she faced online.

The TikToker reasoned that no girl would choose to have a “thick brown line” on her face over a healed scar that reads:

“I just think about it and if you wanted to fake it to last it’s a lot easier to make it look real and I’m sure she’s smart enough to do it. What girl would rather have a thick brown line on her face then a scar?” cured”.

However, this did not sit well with many Internet users. They immediately commented that Nessa should be “banned” from the microblogging service for disrespecting a religion in the past, for which she has publicly apologized.

Nessa deleted tweets related to Scar Girl, whose screenshots were circulating on social media. She commented on one such post on Instagram (@teatoktak), defending her earlier statements.

She began by addressing her past controversy, adding that she used her platform to “spread love and mental health awareness.” The tweets, according to her, were directed at those who knowingly spread hate.

Nessa commented that she was sympathetic to Annie’s situation and that she had blown herself unnecessarily before adding that it was unfair.

Who is Annie Bonelli?

Annie, known as Scar Girl, is a Social Media Influencer and Model from London, UK. As a result of an injury she sustained in 2020, she has a distinctive scar on her left face that gave rise to her nickname.

The TikTok creator uploaded the first video of her in March 2021. Although over time, when the scar became visible without any change, netizens were convinced that it was not real. But Annie denied the allegation, adding that it became thicker and darker after she applied a topical lightening cream that caused a “chemical burn.”

Despite her hate and criticism, Annie continues to share various posts that talk about body positivity on her account.