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Veteran meme queen Nenobia Washington has died, according to a Facebook account belonging to Dupree Frederick, who claims to be her cousin. “This is a sad and sad day. I can’t believe I’m writing RIP to my family / Lil Cuzzin / Lil sis Zenobia RIP They will miss you so much. God bless your soul,” wrote Frederick, sharing images of the queen of the comedy.

He continued to share a video of Nenobia from last year in which she is seen attacking ISIS and asking them to stay away from the United States. “R.I.Paradise To My Lil Cuz / Sis The Queen of Brooklyn You will always be missed. This is F ** kin me up right Now Love You Fam and my God bless your soul Zenobia,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

How did Nenobia Washington, also known as BKTIDALWAVE, die?

According to certain tweets on social media, Nenobia had been missing from her home since Saturday, October 30, and her family confirmed on October 31 that she had passed away. Details on the cause or manner of her death have not yet been made publicly available. “Bktidalwave apparently disappeared yesterday and now her family has reported that RIP, the brooklyn queen’s man, was an icon,” read one tweet. Another account posted: “The bktidalwave / nenobie pass has not even been confirmed and y’all are already posting about their impact and shit for interactions, girl shut up.”

Last week saw the passing of two comedians. Revolutionary comedian Mort Sahl died at 94 in California on October 26. A day later, Huey Haha of Stockton died at age 22. Fans across the country took to Twitter to mourn the loss of the rapidly growing superstar when she left behind her baby mom Heather. Saizon and her 2-year-old daughter Keilani Ha. Comedians Sean Lock, Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson and Fuquan Johnson also died earlier this year.

RIP Queen is trending on Twitter, as many fans of the comedy icon have taken to Twitter, some confused about his whereabouts and others mourning his death. “Please tell me this news about Bktidalwave is not true,” tweeted a fan. “People argue back and forth and do fake accounts and play with whether bktidalwave is dead or not, honestly fuck they all play too fuck I will wait for something official because no one knows what they are talking about,” wrote another fan. “Rest in peace bktidalwave. Sorry for his family, she was a lovely woman,” read another tweet. Tidal confirmed his death with a tweet from his official name that reads, “Our hearts go out to BKTIDALWAVE and his family today. Rest in peace with the Queen of Brooklyn.”

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