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Trigger Warning: The article contains talk about suicide/self-harm

The Savage Police Department, along with Prior Lake High School, is investigating a viral racist video believed to be directed at a black student at the school. At least two students from the school in Savage, Minnesota, reportedly participated in the making of the video directed at Naya Sign, a freshman. Naya, along with her sister Elizabeth hers, claims that this is not an isolated incident, but is part of a larger racist campaign against her.

The surprising story has emerged just days after reports of racist and homophobic hazing at Danvers High School in Massachusetts, which is also being investigated. In late September, Park Hill High School in Kansas City also made headlines after a group of students posted an online petition calling for a return from slavery. Days later, two high school students in Kansas City once again made headlines, for a racist poster asking to go to the homecoming dance. Despite the efforts of educators, racism continues to be a huge problem for schools across America. A good example is Prior Lake High School, where the Sigin sisters were repeatedly attacked for some reason.

‘Tie the rope higher’

The racist video began circulating on social media in early November, showing a school student talking to the camera in a dark room. Another voice can be heard in the background, but the person was reportedly not visible. While we will not report everything that was said, the video shows the two girls making constant racist comments like “no one likes (n-word)” while laughing.

The girls allegedly make fun of Naya’s past suicide attempts as well, saying, “M —– kill yourself right now, do it fucking right. Cut deep enough this time of … — g ate the highest rope “. This is not the first time a school student has made a racist video. The sisters told Fox 9 that prior to this video, another was made in which a student attacked a pillow with the word n ​​written on it while yelling racial slurs. It is unclear if the student in that video is the same as the student in the video making fun of Naya’s suicide attempts.

The video was reportedly shared on Facebook more than a thousand times before one of Naya’s classmates told her about it. Instantly, they reported it to the school and also opened up to the media. “It was the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life,” Naya told KSTP. “I felt like I was confused. I really didn’t know what I had done to deserve it,” she added. Elizabeth added: “I watched the first half and it was nothing new, I see racist things all the time. And then it got to the second half where there were real threats and vile language and I was so angry.”

Naya reportedly attempted suicide in May and told KSTP about her struggles with anxiety and depression. “I’ve finally gotten into the part of my life where I feel like I’m finally getting over that. This whole situation happens and it feels like a relapse,” she said as she cried.

Community supports Naya, open investigation

On November 10, the school principal and the district superintendent addressed the news with a letter to parents. “We want to provide you with an update on our school day at Prior Lake High School (PLHS). We know there were many unfounded rumors circulating today. Rest assured that students were safe, learning, and cared for by our staff.” They added that an investigation was underway but did not provide further details.

The Savage Police are currently working with administrators to identify the responsible students. Social networks have already identified the girl responsible and are currently calling for her expulsion. We decided not to name the person until the police do. In addition to the widespread condemnation of the girl, many in the community have also endorsed Naya with positive messages. In response to her support, she said, “Honestly, it’s kind of an inexplicable feeling. I couldn’t even express how grateful I am for everyone.”

Some community members have also created a GoFundMe for Naya’s college education. The fundraiser has crossed his goal of $ 100,000, having earned more than $ 116,000 at the time of reporting. Elizabeth, a senior at the school, urged the district to act, saying, “It’s hard enough being in a predominantly white area as a black family, and as black women, it makes it that much harder for us. Really alone. I want to see my school do something about this video and give real consequences to the students involved. “

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