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Natalia Garibotto Wiki – Natalia Garibotto Biography

Natalia Garibotto is an Instagram model most likely recognized by her Instagram username @nataagataa. The model has over 2 million followers and her own website, where she states that you can find “unreleased content, access to BTS clips, twerk videos, and more!” According to The Daily Star, Natalia joked: “At least I’m going to heaven.”

Barstool Sports shared a video on Twitter that showed the photo of Natalia Garabotto wearing suspenders; then it panned down to show Pope Francis’ like. Pope Francis has 7.2 million followers on his Instagram account, where he goes by the username @franciscus.

However, it is unlikely that the Pope runs his own Instagram page, meaning that the like was most likely an accident.

Natalia Garibotto Age

Natalia Garibotto is 27 years old.

Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ bikini model’s photo

“My mum may hate my ass pics, but the Pope be double-tapping,” the Brazilian joked with Barstool Sports, which also claimed to have seen the apparent papal seal of approval before it was removed.

“Brb on my way to the Vatican,” Garibotto joked with her Twitter followers, along with a prayer emoji.

“At least I’m going to heaven,” she joked of the like on the image in which she teased followers that she would “teach you a thing or two” along with a red devil emoji.

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The “like” is no longer there, and it is not clear if Francis controls his own account. But news of the apparent scrolling sparked a slew of devilish reactions and jokes.

“God created dat ass. Just appreciating the Lord’s work, as he should,” one of the model’s followers, Eric Graehler, wrote on Twitter, while another, Collin Little, similarly said, “My mans just admiring God’s creation leave him alone.”

“It just means that your ass is divine,” one fan told Garibotto.

The photo that the pontiff may admire from the Vatican was not the only part that caused shock. “I’m still trying to get past the fact that the pope has an IG!!!” one commentator noted.

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