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Natalia Chansler last went to school on August 25 and she always used to wear her face mask, although it is not mandatory everywhere. Annice said the appearance of the deadly virus left her sister terrified of her, but “When the variant came, she was even more nervous. But she had to work. She had no other choice. ”

After school on Monday, August 30, Connally ISD closed all schools in the district due to the death of Natalia and another teacher. David A. McCormick, 59, also died from Covid-19 on August 24. McCormick used to teach social studies in high school and went to school for the last time on August 18, which was also the first day of school.

Natalia Chansler Age

Natalia Chansler was 41 years old.

Natalia Chansler Cause of Death

A central Texas school district closed its schools until after the Labor Day holiday on Tuesday after two teachers died last week from COVID-19. Connally Independent School District officials closed its five Waco suburban schools for the remainder of the week following the COVID-19 death Saturday of Natalia Chansler, 41, a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Connally Junior High. School, said Deputy Superintendent Jill Bottelberghe.

Chansler’s death came days after David McCormick, 59, a seventh-grade social studies teacher at Connally Junior High, also died of COVID-19, Bottelberghe said. It was not immediately known if any of the teachers were vaccinated.

Connally High School football coach Terry Gerik says the Cadets will play La Vega as scheduled Friday night. The school has had 51 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since classes began on Aug. 18, Bottelberghe said Monday. She added that more cases had been confirmed in recent days, but she did not know if any had been traced directly to Chansler.

“We have not found any correlation” between the two deaths, Bottelberghe said. “They were in two different grade levels even though they were working in the same content area, but we have recognized that there has been an increase in outreach across our entire student body at those two grade levels.”

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In an email Monday, Superintendent Wesley Holt said the hope “is that the closure and the holidays will give those who are virus-positive or exposed to others with the virus time to isolate and recover. This closure will also allow time for deep cleaning and disinfection of all CISD facilities.  The seven-day average of daily new COVID-19 cases in Texas was 15,400 cases as of Sunday, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. COVID-19 in Texas was 200 per day.

Connally ISD assistant superintendent for human resources Jill Bottelberghe told CNN in an email Wednesday night, Sept. 1, that it has not yet been identified how both teachers contracted the virus. The district also manages the cities of Lacy Lakeview and Waco and the communities of Elm Mott, Chalk Bluff, and Gholson, and obtaining definitive evidence on how the teachers were infected will help it thoroughly clean and disinfect all of its facilities. It will also give anyone exposed to the virus a chance to self-quarantine and recover.

Meanwhile, Natalia’s sister Annice described her as “fun-loving” and “the best little sister she could have”. “Students, parents, anyone who crossed paths with Natalia, they immediately liked her and they liked her personality,” she added. Although Natalia’s death devastated her family and friends, she also encouraged them to get vaccinated. “They made that move and I’m very proud of them for doing it. I hate that Natalia’s passing cost them to understand how important it is, but I’m glad they did, ”Annice said.


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