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Nasser Kalache, a real estate agent close to two others, is allegedly charged with a drug ring at the investment properties. The three Real Estate specialists are accused of the crime of using marijuana in a rental condominium.

Naseer Kalache is a real estate agent who has been moving in the media for a reputed drug organization. He is a specialist in exact property of Fairfield and an instigator declared obsolete.

Is Nasser Kalache under arrest in a drug syndicate? Detail on the real estate agent behind the camera In fact, Nasser Kalache has been captured for developing marijuana in drug laboratories. His capture was made effective through an automatic stop at Cecil Hills. He, along with five others, has been captured on various charges.

The real estate agent was found developing marijuana in a self-made lab on investment properties. The cure in the laboratory was worth almost 2 million Australian dollars.

Nasser was charged with a variety of crimes, including intentionally coordinating the exercises of a group of criminals and the development of blocked plants. He will appear on court with four different felons on Thursday, March 24.

Peruse Nasser Kalache’s Wikipedia: A Look at His Biography and Career As of now, Nasser’s name has not been registered on the Wikipedia authority site.

As mentioned above, Nasser is a real estate specialist and business development manager. He has been working with RW Partners in Fairfield for quite some time.

Based on his client audits, Nasser has unmatched information on the local house. The real estate agent bought several properties this year and remained solid on paper until police raided investment properties.

Nasser Kalache Age: How old are you? As stated by the Dailymail, Naseer is a 52-year-old obsolete claimed instigator as of 2022.

However, the real estate agent’s real date of birth has been kept classified to the admiration of his protection. After the news of him went viral in the media, people are interested in presenting him to the world reality, to which no one but him can respond.

In mid-2022, the police department arrested Nasser for including him in a drug organization.

Nasser Kalache Net Worth 2022 Revealed Due to horrible media, Nasser has completely removed his online entertainment ties. He has not disclosed any information about his total assets to the media.

You get your paycheck as a Real Estate specialist. Be that as it may, the land is seen as a money-creating vocation. However, greed for more cash has landed the realtor in jail.

Normal compensation for a real estate agent is assessed at $105,000 annually. It is accepted that Nasser buys what a normal real estate agent buys.

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