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Nancy and Sheryl: Madison Brooks and A Critical Examination of Judge Gail Horne Ray

Today, Nancy and Sheryl discuss the tragic case of Madison Brooks, exploring the judicial failings surrounding her death. They explore the controversial decisions made by Judge Gail Horne Ray, the events leading to Madi’s demise, and the broader implications for the justice system. Lastly, Nancy and Sheryl discuss the latest updates in the Kohberger case, specifically surrounding the evidence.

Madison Brooks: LSU Rape Case Judge Dismisses Old Convictions, Igniting Conflict of Interest Debate

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Sheryl “Mac” McCollum is an Emmy Award winning CSI, a writer for CrimeOnLine, Forensic and Crime Scene Expert for Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, and a CSI for a metro Atlanta Police Department. She is the co-author of the textbook., Cold Case: Pathways to Justice.

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