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Kaitlin Armstrong, a 34-year-old Texas yoga teacher accused of killing an affectionate rival in a longing wrath, was eventually returned to Austin after six days of incarceration in Costa Rica. She is mainly charged with manslaughter.

She appeared to have undergone a $6,300 medical procedure to change her appearance. According to Deputy US Marshal Brandon Filla, she had her hair cut and then dyed a deeper shade than her previous light brown-reddish shade, at least at this point she was caught out of an inn last week.

He went on to say that she was wearing a swathe on her nose and that the neighborhood around her eyes had been damaged due to an alleged surfboard episode.

Armstrong was imprisoned on July 5, 2022 for the May 11, 2022, murder of 25-year-old Anna Moriah Wilson. Kaitlin Armstrong is also being indicted in Travis County, Texas, on an “anonymous first-degree felony and a Class B charge of theft of records equal to or greater than $100 and less than $750” after allegedly suing $654 for Botox. a spa resort 2018.

On Saturday, July 2, Armstrong was expelled to the United States, and a video from that day showed her being accompanied by US Marshals from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. She is in receivership on $3.5 million bail for murder and $3,500 bail for administration burglary.

Kaitlin Armstrong tried to dodge the catch and gave a long chase. The shocking murder, as well as Kaitlin Armstrong’s complex work evading the capture, sparked an all-out chase that lasted more than a month and gained public attention.

After a falling out with Armstrong, her longtime lover and individual cyclist Colin Strickland began dating Wilson in October 2021. According to a police oath taken by the Austin-American statesman, Armstrong informed a companion that she should “kill Wilson” in the aftermath. discovering the company.

Anyway, when Armstrong and Strickland got shelter, Strickland stayed close to Wilson. While he claimed to have an association with Wilson, he allegedly misled Armstrong about his whereabouts on May 11 when he met Wilson. Wilson had gone from San Francisco to Austin to plan for Gravel Locos, a 150-mile race through Texas.

As the grumbles showed, Strickland rode his bike to Wilson’s companion’s house, took her to the pool, and then went out to dinner before unloading her. A vehicle matching Armstrong’s dark Jeep Grand Cherokee was spotted heading toward the victim’s home shortly after Wilson was dropped off. Wilson was usually shot in the toilet of the house. As indicated by the confirmation, she was resuscitated, but was confirmed dead at the scene.

Kaitlin Armstrong was presumably later investigated in relation to the episode, but she was likely delivered in light of the botox tab command having a specialized error. Kaitlin Armstrong also sold her jeep for $12,200 and left Austin for New York City about this time. She was shipped to Newark Liberty International Airport a few days later when she boarded a trip to Costa Rica using her sister’s identification.


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