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Who was Monway Ison and Ramona Ison? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Monway Ison and Ramona Ison Wiki – Monway Ison and Ramona Ison Biography

Monway Ison, 72, and Ramona Ison, 71, a Texas couple just weeks away from their 52nd wedding anniversary, both died after their home’s air conditioning failed during a sweltering heat wave.Monway Ison and Ramona Ison were discovered dead in their Baytown home near the corpse of their pet on June 16. The couple’s air conditioning unit failed them just four days earlier, after lasting weeks of 100-degree days. The Isons did not have the money, believed to be between $1,400 and $1,600, to immediately repair the air conditioner and instead tried to get a loan for the next week while they cooked at home. They were able to get the loan money on the 15th, but when the repairman showed up the next day, medical personnel were examining their corpses. They were gathering their things to leave, and from the way they found it, I think they decided it was too hot and it was time to go and it was too late,” Roxanna Floods, the couple’s daughter, told AZFamily. I’ve read about how disorienting the heat can be at that time, how exhausted you feel, and all the symptoms to watch out for. I don’t think they knew what to watch out for.

Monway Ison and Ramona Ison Age

Monway Ison, 72, and Ramona Ison 71 years old.

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Cause of Death

Eddie Phillips, a neighbor whom Ramona Ison used to take on dates, said he called 911 after missing the couple with her beloved dog that day. I thought, ‘I’d better go check on them.’ I knocked on the door. Unanswered. I went there to the bedroom. He hit the window. Unanswered. That’s why I decided to call the police,’ he told ABC13. Phillips had offered the Isons the use of their home while they waited for repairs and a mobile air conditioning unit, but they had declined. “I think they thought it would be cool,” Floods said, noting that they were born and raised in Texas and used to the heat. “My father worked outdoors in the heat for more than 20 years at the Baytown golf course, so he was always outside in all the elements, and the heat didn’t bother him,” she told Insider.

Their deaths are two of seven related to the heat wave that has hit Texas and their home in Harris County since June. On the 12th, the highs in Bayville were 99 degrees, according to the Weather Channel. They never dipped below 96 between then and 16. “It’s been devastating, it’s been devastating for our family,” Flood said. ‘The heat is just not a joke.’ Floods said they had “never had to spend a day apart” in more than 51 years of marriage. She is calling for increased awareness of the dangers of heat to prevent other people from dying from high temperatures. “I would love to see something set up with these companies to warn people about how deadly this heat is if they don’t have the money to fix their air conditioning, to let them know that they are literally stuck inside an oven,’ she said.

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