What Is ‘Millennial Pause’ On TikTok?

If you’re a millennial and an active TikToker, chances are you’ve come across “millennial break” videos in your feed. While this is not a trend or challenge, it has still gotten up to 15 million views on the platform.

The ‘millennial pause’ is a phenomenon where millennials pause for a second before speaking when a video begins to reassure them that everything is in place. As Jade Beason explained on TikTok, she talked about how Gen Z doesn’t do any of that. She also claimed to be unintentionally doing the ‘pause’. In the video, Ella Jade explained the significance of the viral trend, saying:

“Essentially, it’s this thing where millennials apparently take a breath, or pause, before we shoot content, we check to see if we’re recording, and then we talk, and apparently Gen Z doesn’t do that.”

However, Generation Z seems to have noticed the hiatus and is now creating videos about the phenomenon. They are doing the ‘millennial pause’ and mimicking how creators “older than Gen Z” start their videos with pauses.

Social media users post hilarious reactions to the ‘millennial hiatus’ after it creates quite a stir on social media.

TikTok is an app that is being used by Gen Z, millennials, and the older generation. However, Generation Z have now noticed the infamous ‘pause’ of millennial creators and have started creating videos that imitate them. As it happens, the cultural phenomenon has gone viral on various other platforms, such as Twitter, where people express their views on the trend.

A social media user shared a BBC video and said:

“The millennial pause awaiting confirmation to start”

Other users also commented on how they can’t ignore the pause on all videos once they now know about the TikTok phenomenon.

Additionally, The Atlantic claimed the term was coined by Boston-based TikTok user Nisa in November 2021. Since then, the #millennialpause hashtag has received more than 19 million views as of this writing.

Content creator Nisa singled out Taylor Swift for taking part in the millennial hiatus

In November 2021, TikToker Nisa shared a post in which she created a stitch on the platform. It started with the Taylor Swift video, where the singer paused for a second or two, then continued by saying:

“Hi guys, I’m Taylor.”

Noting this point, Nisa stated:

“I’m obsessed with the fact that even Taylor Swift isn’t immune from millennials’ inevitable mandatory pause before they start talking on a TikTok to make sure she’s actually recording. God, will she ever stop being relatable? I love her!”

The video received millions of views, with thousands of likes and comments. This, in turn, started a cultural phenomenon where Internet users began to notice the pause and created videos imitating it.