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Michel Dumont Wiki – Biography

Michel Dumont OQ was a Canadian actor. He served as the artistic director for the Théâtre Jean-Duceppe in Montreal from 1991 to 2018. In the opinion of his comrades, Michel Dumont was as generous on stage as in life. Like his mentors, the late comedians Jean Duceppe and Paul Hébert, he has always defended an accessible, popular, but quality theatre, putting forward the noble mission of thrilling spectators in contact with human emotions.

“The theatre must be the celebration of the general public. I want to succeed in reaching it, in touching it, as in life, ”said the artistic director when he met the press to talk, with passion, about his programming.

Michel Dumont did not hide his love for authors of the modern North American repertoire (Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Neil Simon), but he was also very faithful to Quebec creation. Under his directorate, the Duceppe company created many Quebec pieces (even a season with only Quebec works), collaborated with authors such as Serge Boucher, Michel Tremblay, Marie Laberge, Jean-Rock Gaudreault, Steve Galluccio.

In 1996, in Tremblay’s Messe solennelle pour one Plein lune d’été, Michel Dumont formed a loving couple with Jean-Louis Millette, whose character suffers from AIDS. “There is a wonderful scene where the couple dance one last tango together. Michel did not know how to dance at all, but, for the role, you would have thought he had danced all his life, ”recalls Monique Duceppe.

Michel Dumont has also played leading roles in numerous television shows. Children of the 1970s will remember him as Fantoche, Picotine’s friend, in the program of the same name presented on Radio-Canada and for which he co-authored the texts. He was also in the cast of Race de monde, Mr. Minister, Ladies of the Heart, Omertà and Yamaska.

His work as an interpretation, but also as artistic director at Duceppe, has earned him many awards. In 2013, he was made an officer of the National Order of Quebec, then a member of the Order of Canada in 2019. The political class – from François Legault to Dominique Anglade, including Pascal Bérubé and Isabelle Melançon – a d ‘ elsewhere underlined his departure on social networks. In addition to often treading the boards of the theatre company he directed, Mr Dumont signed numerous translations there.

Michel Dumont will keep a good place in the long, great and beautiful line of unforgettable Quebec actors – the Jean Duceppe, Guy Provost, Gilles Pelletier, Paul Hébert and company.

Michel Dumont Age

Michel Dumont was 79 years old. He was born on January 29, 1941, in Jonquière, Canada.


Michel Dumont had lost his wife, Manon Bellemare, to cancer in 2015, after 30 years of love. The couple had no children.

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Cause of Death

The actor would have died on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, surrounded by his relatives, let the QMI Agency know Jean-Simon Traversy, who succeeded Michel Dumont at the head of the Duceppe Theater in 2018, in tandem with his colleague David Laurin.

“Michel’s departure upsets us and leaves us very large shoes to put on. Throughout his career, he has carried the torch of a popular and accessible theatre at arm’s length, fighting to ensure that our language and our culture take their rightful place on our stages. For the whole Duceppe team, he was an exceptional friend, role model, advisor and mentor. He will be sorely missed. We will pursue its mission with pride and gratitude ”, emphasized Jean-Simon Traversy and David Laurin on behalf of the Théâtre Duceppe.

“I consider him to be the worthy successor of my father”, for his part expressed Gilles Duceppe.

Net Worth

Michel’s net worth is unknown.


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