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Who was Michael Protzman? QAnon leader dies at 60 in dirt bike crash in Minnesota

Michael Protzman Wiki – Michael Protzman Biography

A man named Michael Protzman was tragically killed in a motocross accident at the Meadow Valley motocross track in Millville, Minnesota. The incident resulted in multiple blunt force injuries that were fatal. According to media reports, the accident occurred on June 30.

Who was Michael Protzman?

Michael Protzman was 60 years old. He emerged as a leader in the crazy QAnon movement and was known as Negative 48 among his followers. His unusual theories garnered hundreds of followers. One of his claims was that JFK will reappear in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza, the site of his assassination in 1963.

It is crucial to remember that neither society at large nor reliable evidence provide any support for these ideas.

The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office reported that Protzman died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries. According to the investigation, the fatal accident occurred after he lost control of his dirt bike at the Meadow Valley Motocross Circuit in Millville, Minnesota.

Michael Protzman, an avid Trump supporter, was known for his association with the QAnon movement and claimed to be in contact with the former president. He strongly supported Trump and attended his rallies and countless events.

QAnon started as a series of fake posts on the 4Chan website and has now grown into a major movement. The complex web of ideas of QAnon members is based on anonymous internet statements by a person calling himself “Q”, who claims to have knowledge of the Trump administration.

According to the QAnon conspiracy theory, former US President Donald Trump is involved in a covert conflict with prominent people involved in child sex trafficking, including Democrats, celebrities and “deep state” elements. The disproven “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which falsely claimed the existence of a pedophile ring operating out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant, had aspects that served as the basis for this idea.

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