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Michael Marion, husband of NBC ‘Today Style’ Editor Bobbie Thomas, passed away at 42, the editor shared on Instagram. In a long heart-wrenching caption, the editor mourned the late lawyer’s demise.

A year ago, the editor reportedly opened up about Marion suffering a stroke in May 2019. Marion who was a lawyer graduated from the University of Michigan, the George Washington School of Law, and the NYU School of Law, got married to Thomas in 2013 and share a son together, five-year-old Miles. She said a year back, ‘It’s kind of amazing.

If a year ago you told me what I was going to be dealing with a year out, it would’ve been too overwhelming. I think that focusing day by day on what was in front of us, it’s amazing because now we feel so fortunate. We celebrate every little victory. It’s hard to appreciate those small things if we look ahead.”

In June this year, Thomas shared a video of her late husband being able to pick Miles after the stroke. She wrote, “A moment like this – the first time Michael was able to pick Miles up for a hug since his stroke – is why I temporarily stepped away from social media the past few months. With the world zooming along in high gear, I wanted some “digital space” to focus on being more present.” She added, “And personally there was much to embrace- my wedding anniversary (#7!), Father’s Day, Miles’ last day of Pre-K, the first day of summer, and of course Michael’s continued recovery.”

Michael Marion Age

Michael Marion was 42 years old.

Health Condition

“Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again,” Thomas posted on Instagram on Sunday morning. “For me, it won’t. My husband is gone. 💔.”

He and Thomas, 46, had a 5-year-old son named Miles. They wed in 2013.

Early last year, Marion suffered a stroke at the age of 40. Thomas spoke about her husband’s health this past May, saying that he had progressed to walking with assistance after coming home in a wheelchair after the stroke.

Michael Marion Death

Michael passed away at the age of 42. On Sunday, December 6, Bobbie Thomas took it to Instagram to share images of her late husband and wrote “Nothing is normal. Maybe nothing will ever be normal again. For me, it won’t. My husband is gone.” She added, ‘With all the fear, anger, and division going on in the world right now, it’s so easy to get upset about the lack of normalcy.” Thomas, 46 urged the readers of the post to “hold onto what you do have right now instead of focussing on what you don’t. One thing we all have is kindness. Absorb it, extend it, exhaust it. Because in the end, the ONLY thing that matters is love.”

She continued “There will never be enough time and some of our forevers are much too short. As I type through tears, I embrace gratitude… holding our precious son Miles and memories, of the time I did have with Michael, closer to my broken heart. Thank you all for the love and support you have shown us and our families. Please go hug the people you love.”

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Her NBC colleague Jenna Bush Hagger commented on Thomas’ last Instagram post, saying ‘Bobbie, your strength amazes. Love you so.” Another host of NBC, Dylan Dreyer commented, “you are an incredible woman with so much strength. My heart breaks for you and Miles and I’ll keep your family in my prayers. Sending you so much love.”

An obituary for the late lawyer states, Marion died after a ‘heroic struggle’.

Cause of Death

Marion, a lawyer, died on Dec. 1 after a “heroic struggle,” an obituary for Marion read.



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