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On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Michael Haight, an insurance agent in Cedar City, Utah, shot his family, including his five children, two weeks after his wife filed for divorce. Haight then committed suicide, according to a statement from authorities.

The death count included Haight’s wife, Tausha Haight, 40, her mother-in-law, Gail Earl, 78, and their three daughters, ages 17, 12 and 7, and two sons, ages 7 and 4. . Enoch city authorities discovered the victims after relatives called them for a welfare check and became concerned when they heard nothing from the family.

Michael Haight shot his family two weeks after his wife filed for divorce

On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, eight family members were found shot to death in an Enoch City, Utah home, including the gunman, 42-year-old Michael Haight. Haight reportedly shot his family and then killed himself two weeks after his wife filed for divorce.

Although the authorities confirmed the deaths, they did not reveal the motive for the crime. Authorities said they were aware of the divorce petition filed by Haight’s wife, but could not confirm if she had any connection to the crime. Authorities added that police had reportedly visited the home of the murdered victims two years before the murder in an undisclosed riot report.

Michael Haight worked as an all-state insurance agent

According to Fox News, a family member stated that Haight worked as a statewide insurance agent based in Cedar City, Utah, but had resigned days before the murder.

Enoch City Manager Rob Dotson, apparently devastated by the family’s death, said the incident shook the community as everyone was known in town. In a video statement Wednesday night, Dotson said:

“Many of us have served with them in church, in the community, and have gone to school with these people.”
He added:

“This community right now is suffering. They feel loss, they feel pain, and they have many questions. We won’t know the mindset, the thoughts of the people who experienced this tragedy, but we can all pray that their families and neighbors and everyone comes to understand what happened in this place, probably in a day or two, maybe more.”

In the aftermath of the shooting, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre issued a statement mourning the tragic loss suffered by the Enoch City community. The statement issued on behalf of President Joe Biden also condemned the growing gun violence in the nation:

“Too many Americans have lost loved ones or had their lives changed forever by gun violence, and gun violence remains the leading cause of death for children in America. Less than a month after we marked 10 years since the Sandy Hook tragedy, another mass shooting claimed the lives of five more children in Enoch City.” Micahel Haight’s five children attended schools in the Iron County School District in Utah, authorities said in a statement.