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Michael Close quarreled with them from inside his apartment, the Denver Post reported. The suspect got into a verbal altercation with the victims related to the victims telling the dog to poop,” according to a probable cause statement obtained by the newspaper. Close reportedly asked the couple if they were going to train their pooch or just yell at it, the police records state.

Simon told police he tried to ignore Close before shots rang out, striking him twice and killing his girlfriend.

Michael Close Age

Michael Close is 36 years old.


According to a probable cause affidavit cited by The Denver Post, Darian Simon and Isabella Thallas were taking their dog, named Rocco, out for a walk in the 3000 blocks of North Huron Street at around 11.42 am when he yelled at the pooch to poop.

Simon reportedly heard a stranger’s voice from a ground-level apartment asking if they were going to train their dog to go to the bathroom. He tried to ignore the stranger’s comments but the stranger went on to point a gun towards them, which he initially mistook for a pellet gunshot.

Several gunshots were fired, hitting Simon and Thallas. Thallas was announced dead at the moment while Simon was wounded. Simon fled away but could not get far because of his injuries. He was taken to a hospital suffering from gunshot wounds to the back and leg.

According to the description of a GoFundMe campaign, one of the rounds ‘completely shattered’ his femur, which will require multiple surgeries to repair.

Suspect Charged

The suspect, Michael, is facing a first-degree murder charge as well as an aggravated assault charge.

Who is Isabella Thallas? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death, Shot Dead, Suspect, Investigation Report


Mr. Thallas says the thought of a park, her memorial, and stories about his daughter all capture the same piece of Isabella’s character. A part of her he wants everyone to celebrate.

“We thought it would just be absolutely amazing to set up a park here,” Josh Thallas, her father said. “Where people could come and have some comradery and bring their animals, too and share some friendship with one another.”

The memorial has become a place of comfort for the family as they grieve but also a way to celebrate Isabella’s life and see the impact she had on the community. It could be a model for the type of park they want to create in her memory. A vigil on Thursday night was an incredible show of support for the family.

“As a dad, it’s beyond powerful,” Mr. Thallas told CBS4 on Friday. “You stand up and look around there are hundreds upon hundreds of young human beings out there, it’s amazing.”


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