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Transformers director Michael Bay, whose current net worth is estimated at $500 million, was recently accused of killing a pigeon while filming a movie.

Italian authorities have reportedly charged Bay in connection with the 2018 death of a homing pigeon on the set of 6 Underground in Rome. He though he has denied the accusations that the pigeon was killed. Bay confirmed that there were some charges against him, but the exact cause of the charges was not revealed.

Michael Bay has earned the most from him through his contribution as a director and producer on various Hollywood movies.

Michael Bay has directed several successful films that helped him gain a steady and established fortune, as well as prominence in the industry. Although most of his films are box office hits, film critics generally hold his works in low esteem. His most popular films include The Rock (1996), Armageddon (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001), and the Transformers film franchise.

From the Transformers movies alone, Bay has earned more than $300 million. Eleven of Bay’s films have earned more than $5 billion internationally. It is the fourth-highest gross earnings for any director in Hollywood.

Although he is widely known as a director, it is not his only source of income. Michael Bay has produced and co-produced over 50 films in addition to the films he directed. He was a creative actor in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, the Purge movies, Bumblebee, and A Quiet Place, among others.

He was also an executive producer on television shows like Black Sails, Jack Ryan, and The Last Ship.

Bay’s legal team attempted to clear up the case in 2022 on three different occasions.

In Italy, pigeons, along with other birds, are a protected species and have a national law that prohibits capturing, harming or killing them. A production source reportedly claimed that a bird was killed during a dolly shooting, and a photo was taken by a witness, who reported the incident to Italian authorities.

However, Michael Bay claimed that his team has clear evidence in the form of video to refute the claims. bay said: “We have clear video evidence, a multitude of witnesses and security officers that exonerates us of these claims and refutes his one paparazzi photo, giving a false story.”

The 57-year-old director claimed to be a noted animal lover and animal activist. He insisted that no animals involved in the film’s production were injured or harmed, nor have any animals been harmed in any other production he has worked on in his 30-year career.

Bahia added:

“There is a court case in progress, so I cannot go into details, but I am confident that we will prevail when I have my day in court.”

The legal team working for Michael Bay previously refused to accept the charges three times in 2022. Italian authorities even offered the director the option of settling the case by paying a fine. But the director also refused to do so.

Bay addressed the offer, saying he turned it down because he would not plead guilty to harming a bird or animal.

Filming for the movie 6 Underground started in 2018 and was shot in four locations: Rome, Florence, Taranto and Siena. The Netflix blockbuster features Ryan Reynolds, French actress Mélanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, Lior Raz, and Paymaan Maadi, among others.