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Estranged Husband Delivers ‘Eulogy,’ Claims He Tried to Raise Her From the Dead

The pastor husband of a South Carolina woman who committed suicide after what she said were years of abuse and even grooming when she was a child delivered an emotional “eulogy” for her in which he said he tried to raise her from the dead.

In a 20 minutes speech at his Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, John Paul Miller said he visited Mica Miller’s body four times after she was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at a North Carolina state park on April 27, the New York Post reported.

“Each time it still didn’t hit me, I thought she was going to wake up — I even tried to raise her from the dead one time this week,” he told mourners at a “celebration of life” service.

Dozens of comments on the video call the pastor’s performance “blasphemous,” “fake,” and “hard to watch.”

Mica Miller filed for divorce in October, sought a no-contact order days before her death, and had told police, family, and friends that her 44-year-old husband was abusive and manipulative and had “groomed” her at his church from the time she was 10 years old until they married 14 years later, as CrimeOnline previously reported.

Miller was in Charleston, South Carolina, with a woman he was “romantically involved” with at the time Mica Miller bought a gun, drove to a North Carolina state park, and shot herself, according to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

Last week, his attorney issued a letter demanding that media stop reporting what Mica Miller said about him and their relationship or face legal action. He specifically denied her accusations of grooming, made in a police report earlier this year after she was hospitalized and he took her car and purse. Police did nothing about her stolen vehicle report or the accusations of grooming, saying they were still legally married.

Police used the same excuse for doing nothing on four occasions when Mica Miller reported tracking devices attached to her car earlier this year. Those reports were made on March 11, March 14, March 26, and April 15, according to WBTW. In the first incident, she also said that the tires on her car were slashed. Mechanics found the GPS tracking device while repairing the tire.

After her death, her brother said in an affidavit in Probate Court  that Mica Miller had forwarded him an email from her estranged husband in which he apologized for the “tires and causing damage to her vehicle.”

John Paul Miller claimed that his wife suffered from mental health issues. In the letter threatening legal action, his attorney said that the accusations “made by her in the recent past are nonsensical.”

In his “eulogy,” the estranged husband cried and said he called out “Mica” to a woman who looked like her at the mall, but it turned out she was his estranged wife’s sister.

“I thought I raised her from the dead … I can’t wait to see her again one day,” he said.

“If I had 10 hours it wouldn’t be enough to tell you all the great things about her,” he added.

Friends and family believed the pastor was somehow involved in his wife’s death, but a thorough investigation by the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina exonerated him from any direct involvement since he was elsewhere with his girlfriend, as CrimeOnline reported. She was seen on video leaving her home on April 27 and buying a gun from a Myrtle Beach pawn shop before driving to Lumber River State Park.

There, she called 911 and asked if they could track her cell phone, telling the dispatcher she was “about to kill myself” and wanted to be sure her family could find her. Dispatched deputies were unable to reach her in time. A nearby fisherman reported hearing someone crying minutes before a gunshot.