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Melissa Turner Wiki, Biography

CBS 48 Hours will delve into the bizarre case of Matthew Trussler and Melissa Turner, which began with a night of drinking and ended with a bloody crime scene. The synopsis for the episode, titled Melissa Turner’s Closing Act, reads:

“A cosplay actress finds herself in the spotlight when she is accused of murdering her boyfriend. Will she be able to convince a jury that she was defending herself?”

In February 2022, former cosplay model Melissa Turner was found guilty of second degree murder for savagely stabbing her boyfriend Matthew Trussler in the back of her Tampa, Florida home. She then called the police, pretending not to remember the incident, and finally said during her trial that her actions were part of her self-defense.

In March, Turner reportedly received a 20.5-year sentence and is currently serving time at the Lowell Correctional Institution, a mixed-security facility in unincorporated Marion County, Florida.

Florida-based former cosplay model Melissa Turner claimed she stabbed her boyfriend in self-defense

Melissa Turner, a well-known cosplay model, has been convicted of second-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend Matthew Trussler. Turner, however, claimed that she was the aggrieved party during her sentencing, claiming that Trussler mistreated her and had many demons.

On October 17, 2019, she alleged that he assaulted her first and that she got back at her by stabbing him in her own defense.

According to Fox 13, Melissa Turner testified at her high-profile trial, saying:

“She loved him, and she didn’t want to do that to him. The last thing she wanted, she always tried to hide her drinking, his mental health, and how depressed he was, she tried to hide from everyone last time.” which he would want the world to know about it.”

Law & Crime reported that Turner, 29, claimed that she stabbed her 25-year-old boyfriend to death in her own defense. After a day and night of drinking, Trussler abruptly woke her up while she was sleeping, sparking an argument.

During the argument, which she soon turned physical, he allegedly strangled her, threw her on the counter, and grabbed a knife. Turner then took the knife from her and stabbed Trussler into her back.

Turner testified in court that she believed Trussler “was going to kill me” and that she grabbed her knife as he put it on the table to strangle her again. She also opened up about Trussler’s drinking problems. That night, her blood alcohol content was about five times the Florida legal limit. She also talked about her unusual behavior and said:

“She’d stare into a corner… and she’d tell me ‘there’s a devil standing right there.'”

Turner claimed that she could only remember stabbing Trussler once in the back, but she couldn’t remember how many wounds she had all over her body.

In October 2019, Melissa Turner reportedly waited four hours after stabbing her boyfriend to call 911, and when she did, she told the operator that she had found Trussler’s body in her backyard. .

Investigators soon found surveillance footage from a neighbor’s CCTV camera in which the voice of a woman could be heard yelling “I hate you” and “Get dead.” Turner was also caught on camera breaking glass and yelling, “so fucking arrogant, I hate you.” They eventually got a confession out of her.

Where is Melissa Turner now?

At the end of a spectacular week-long trial in February 2022, a jury found Melissa Turner guilty, on the grounds that Matthew “was going to die; She knew it, and yet she didn’t call anyone.”

On March 18, 2022, Melissa was sentenced to 20.5 years in prison and is reportedly currently serving time at the Lowell Correctional Institution, a mixed-security facility in unincorporated Marion County, Florida. Its current release date is April 27, 2042.