Meagan Martin Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

Meagan Martin Wiki, Biography

American Ninja Warrior star climber Meagan Martin is set to host the new show The Climb. It’s a new show produced by Aquaman star Jason Mamoa with celebrity rock climber Chris Sharma.

Meagan grew up participating in gymnastics and pole vaulting, but she has always loved climbing. She made the decision to pursue climbing as a career after graduating. After her appearances on shows like American Ninja Warrior for seven seasons, she will be seen on HBO Max’s The Climb.

The Climb host Meagan Martin took part in American Ninja Warrior

Meagan, who was educated at home, began competing in gymnastics at the age of five. Her mother also made her read for an hour every day when she was in elementary school. Meagan began reading while she was climbing trees, which developed her interest in climbing as she got older.

Meagan said that when she was a gymnast, she would climb on things all the time in the gym while she “played.”

Meagan started climbing at the Orlando Gym Aiguille Rock Climbing Center. Along with eight other children, Meagan joined the climbing team at the gym. At the same time, she also tried pole vaulting for the first time when she was a freshman in high school.

Sharing her own experience of the same, she said that she was not really interested in trying pole vaulting, but she tried it because her mother thought she should try it. Ella Meagan added that she ended up loving it and that both rock climbing and gymnastics helped her transition to pole vaulting.

She noted:

“Gymnastics gave me the body awareness, speed, strength, and acrobatic skills I needed to be a good pole vaulter. I think climbing kept me strong after I left gymnastics, so there was extra strength I was able to apply to pole vault.”

Meagan realized that she wanted to return to competitive climbing and make it her career after graduating from college near the end of her junior year.

On the personal front, 2020 had plenty of highlights for Meagan, as her boyfriend proposed to her while they were rock climbing. The place was appropriately called Lover’s Leap, where her then-boyfriend proposed to her. \

In the picture she shared on Instagram she showed off her new ring and her hands were seen covered in climbing chalk. Meagan and her now-husband eloped and married in 2021.

Before her appearance on the new HBO show, here’s what Jason Mamoa had to say about Meagan Martin: “We have decided to start a competition to inspire the next generation of climbers. And we have recruited champion climber Meagan Martin.”

Meagan Martin’s journey in American Ninja Warrior

Meagan Martin won American Ninja Warrior in 2014 and made history by becoming the first rookie to complete a qualifying course and the third woman to ascend the distorted wall. She also made history at that year’s National Finals when she became the first woman to successfully complete the Stage 1 spider vault and half-pipe attack.

Since then, Meagan has competed in ANW every year, making sports history along the way. A couple of her career highs include reaching the national finals each year and ringing three consecutive qualifying bells. Meagan had numerous opportunities throughout season 10, including her acting as the official poster girl for the season.

Meagan Martin was given the opportunity to serve as a mentor on American Ninja Warrior Jr. after appearing on ANW for five seasons and Team Ninja Warrior for three.

About the new HBO Max show The Climb

Aquaman actor Jason Mamoa and Chris Sharma have teamed up to create a new competition series where amateur climbers compete for a $100,000 grand prize and prAna sponsorship. The eight-episode show, The Climb, will premiere on January 12, 2023.

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