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Mayra Joli by the Miami Herald later identified who was captured in a video of the event frequently nodding her head throughout Trump’s interview with NBC’s Today show anchor Savannah Guthrie.

Wearing a red face mask, Joli was seated behind Trump, pictured to the right of the president.

Joli is an immigration attorney in south Florida who ran for Congress back in 2018. She practices “exclusively in the field of immigration law, specializing in detention and removal proceedings,” according to the website of the Joli Law Firm.

During her 2018 congressional race, Joli was reported to have gained 2.5 percent of the vote as an independent in Florida’s 27th Congressional District, losing the race to Democrat Donna Shalala.

In an interview with the Miami Herald back in 2017, Joli compared herself to Trump, noting: “I am not looking to run [for Congress] because I need a paycheck, like Donald Trump. I’m not looking to run because I need fame, like Donald Trump.

Mayra Joli Age

Mayra Joli’s age is unknown.

Nodding Woman Behind Trump

The fervent Trump supporter even greeted the president after the town hall, posting a video of the encounter to her Facebook.

“We have your back! You are the best! I’m from the Dominican Republic, but I’m American. I’m an American,” she tells Trump. Sammy Sosa? A friend of mine,” Trump replies. Sammy Sosa — he endorsed me. Mr. President, I was running for Congress and he endorsed me!” Joli shouts back.

The former five-time beauty queen garnered 2.5 percent of the vote in her 2018 run as an independent for Florida’s 27th Congressional District — losing to Democrat Donna Shalala, the Herald reported.

She credited Trump for serving as her inspiration.

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“I am not looking to run because I need a paycheck, like Donald Trump,” she told the Herald. “I’m not looking to run because I need fame, like Donald Trump. I’m running because I need this country to succeed. Like Donald Trump, I don’t drink.”

Joli is from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republican and resides in Coral Gables, according to her Facebook page. She is a partner at the Joli Law Firm located in Miami.

She also appears as a pundit on Spanish-language television, according to the Herald.

Joli did not ask a question at the town hall, which was held before an audience of undecided voters.

Author and comedian Sara Cooper also tweeted: “Same. This woman is nodding at things before he’s even finished his thought. It’s a psychological trick and I cannot believe no producer, no camera person, NO ONE is stopping it.”


Philip Lewis, the front page editor of The Huffington Post, tweeted: “Get somebody to support you like how this Black woman behind Trump was supporting him during the town hall.”



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