What is the mayonnaise incident on TikTok? Not an Undercover Cop’s prank on followers goes viral

The mayonnaise episode, which has made some TikTok clients past confounded, doesn’t actually exist truly. It’s just a joke made by TikToker @not_an_undercover_cop, who posted a video on his channel on December 31, 2022. In the video, he professed to leave the stage forever, and toward its finish, he added a subtext where he made sense of it further.

For those pondering, the “mayonnaise occurrence” referenced in Not a Covert Cop’s year-finishing trick video doesn’t have anything to do with the Atlanta metro shooting of June 2022. Furthermore, it doesn’t have anything to do with the French Interstate mayonnaise spill of 2015.

It doesn’t fundamentally have anything to do with anything including genuine mayonnaise. Toward the start of the video posted by Not a Covert Cop, there’s a subtext that thanks everybody. Following this, the maker begins eliminating his mic and different props prior to getting up from his seat and leaving the camera. A foundation track was added where Space Melody by Ocean side House is being played, alongside a voice that says:

“What’s happening? What’s going on?… Pause… no no no. Is it safe to say that you are messing with me? Is this the way that it closes? What? No… This is the way that it closes? Are you ugh… ”
From that point onward, the scene changes to a gathering or some kind of a year-wrap of the maker’s recordings that he made in 2022. At the point when the assemblage reaches a conclusion, another subtext shows up on the screen where Not a Covert Cop expounded on the trick and educated his supporters on the best way to move it along.

The subtext expressed gratitude toward his 2 million devotees and said that he is relying upon the way that most watchers won’t watch the video until the end and that they won’t actually peruse the text. He adds that he isn’t passing on the stage yet requests that the devotees start the talk that he left due to the “mayonnaise thing” that occurred among him and another TikToker, @thefronk.

He proceeded and requested that his devotees be unclear and not to make sense of the gossip any further, and added:

After the TikToker shared the trick video, the individuals who watched it till the end kicked the joke and off cooperating. They composed what the maker requested that they write in the remarks.

Individuals who didn’t watch the total video and missed the subtext toward the end started asking about the mayonnaise episode in the remarks, as the maker had anticipated.

Be that as it may, his adherents who got within joke didn’t surrender and cleared up what was going on with this entire disaster for anybody. All things being equal, they continued to rehash that it was muddled so they couldn’t make sense of it or that they would be prohibited from the application assuming they alluded to the occurrence.

A couple of clients took leniency on the dumbfounded pack and requested that they watch the whole video to get the joke.

Client @risk.midnight graciously let others in on in the remark segment that the video is a joke. The client said that the maker trained his adherents to spread it and tell individuals it’s muddled or they will get prohibited assuming somebody gets some information about the mayo episode.