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Who is Matthew Patrick? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Instagram

Matthew Patrick Wiki – Matthew Patrick Biography

Matthew Patrick also known by his screen name MatPat, is an American internet personality, the creator and narrator of the YouTube webseries The Game Theorists, known better as Game Theory, where he comments on topics such as the logic, scientific accuracy, and lore of various video games and the gaming industry. His spinoffs The Film Theorists (also known as Film Theory) and The Food Theorists (also known as Food Theory) center on similar subjects in cinema/internet filmography and food respectively.

He recently also made a video on Minecraft player and YouTuber Dream and the “structured improv” of his team showcased through the ‘Dream SMP’ (Survival Multiplayer Server). But that is not what MatPat was trending for on Twitter. Instead, fans of the gamer were posting thirst tweets after some old photos of his surfaced on the Internet.

As the Twitter description read, there was “newfound appreciation for YouTuber MatPat’s attractiveness” after these photos emerged. “Haha i’m simping for matpat… help,” said one tweet while another user said MatPat was attracting the attention of the Dream SMP followers because of his video, tweeting: “Dream team Twitter goes mad after pictures circulate of matpat in high school – they’re calling him a ‘DILF’”

Matthew Patrick Age

Matthew Patrick is 34 years old.


Patrick is married to Stephanie Patrick (née Cordato), whom he met while studying at Duke University. The two became close after creating a Legend of Zelda parody called The Epic of Stew. They were married on May 19, 2012. Their son Oliver was born in 2018, and the family currently divides their time between living in California and North Carolina.


Once Mathew Patrick saw why was trending, he couldn’t help contribute to the trend by tweeting some more sexy pictures of himself when he was younger. “Saw that I’m trending. Guys…you haven’t even scratched the surface,” he joked.

He followed this up with a comment on the shirtless picture of his doing the rounds, saying: “Stephanie almost dumped me for this one…”, referring to his wife, Stephanie Claire Patrick. The couple has a son, Oliver Patrick, and both run their ‘Theorist Media’ YouTube channels together. He also posted another shirtless picture of his younger self with his biceps and abs on view, with the comment: “This will be in my 2021 Calendar”.

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Fans responded to the gamer on replying to his post with comments like: “Matpat more like MatPACK” and “where can one buy said calender hahaa not for me of course”. Another fan said, “This is just unfair. I was under the impression that you don’t get to be funny, smart, and strong. You pick one and stick to it”.

Recently, Patrick and his wife Stephanie, hosted a streaming fundraising event on December 1, #GivingTuesday, for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They raised a record $3 million during the online event that ran for a little over 10 hours, and featured various YouTubers like Markiplier, MrBeast and Dream. During the event, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki dropped in to surprise the pair with a $450,000 contribution.



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