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Martin is the notary of The Specialists of the Show (ElTrece). He is the anchor of Dancing for a Dream and Showmatch. He is a wonderful character who deals with marketing, speech and mechanical angles.

In addition, he acted as Notero and Movilero of This Is The Show and Showmatch in April 2017. Likewise, he recently dated entertainer Silvina Luna during the meeting at El Hotel de Los Famosos.

Ken Martin Salwe Age On Wikipedia Martin is now 24 years old. He was born and raised in Villa Crespo in 1998. Moreover, he has not revealed his introduction to the world month for the occasion. In addition, Salwe loved the TV stage from an early age.

By the way, Wikipedia didn’t highlight Salwe on his real page. Nevertheless, his data can be judged on Linkedin and social pages. He has started following his calling on his YouTube channel, where he posted content recordings. Furthermore, in 2017 he has moved from the place of YouTuber to the field of the entertainment world.

He worked at Ideas of the South. After nine months, he moved to Eltrece in December 2017 as a Morning Los Angeles Notary. After seven months, he joined various substances as a moderator.

Martin Salwe and Silvina Luna Relationship Timeline Salwe meets entertainer Silvina in the El Hotel de Los big names program. He was important for 13 unscripted TV dramas that were recognized by the public and prevailed.

In addition, Marton kissed Silvina while holding the wedding bouquet. Likewise, they had built an association in the show and seemed to have a heartfelt excursion on certain days. They had a hearty supper during the show and shared their subtleties.

Furthermore, Salwe discussed their relationship with his father and had a sincere conversation, opening their hearts towards the end.

Martin Salwe and Silvina Luna’s age difference Martin and Silvina have a huge age difference. Silvina is 41 years old and Martin is just 24. There is a 17 year gap between this couple. Slivina was born in Rosario, Snata Fe Provine, Argentina, on June 21, 1980. Her full name is Silvina Noelia Luna Stavropulos, but has disappeared on the social scene with Silvina luna.

Plus, these two had a heartfelt supper in the unscripted TV drama where they shared the second and lived it out together.


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