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Marquis Beckford Wiki – Marquis Beckford Biography

Marquis Beckford was arrested by patrol officers who were responding to a call around 6 p.m. on Trinity Avenue after one of them recognized him as a suspect, police said. When cops searched him and found a gun, Beckford admitted that it was the one he used to shoot Solano around noon Dec. 23 in front of a bodega at 1097 Boston Road, cops said.

Beckford had a firearm on him when cops took him into custody, sources with knowledge of the case said. Cops did not immediately disclose why Beckford targeted the teen.

Marquis Beckford Age

Marquis Beckford is 22 years old.

Charges & Arrested

Beckford was charged with murder 2, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon. In the wake of Solano’s killing, community leaders gathered outside the bodega where he was shot to denounce the gun violence in the outer boroughs. Shootings have continued to spike in the city since summer.

He has been arrested about 10 times stretching back to 2017, although most of his arrests were for burglary and domestic violence assaults, authorities said.


James was just three blocks from home when he was shot, cops said. He died at Lincoln Hospital. Security video shows the moment when the shooter, hiding under a surgical mask and a baseball cap with a hoodie, fired at the teen.

Cops said the two stood together briefly before Beckford tapped James on the shoulder, stepped back, pulled a semiautomatic handgun, and fired the killing round.

Wounded and dripping blood, James ran to the sidewalk, bent down, turned around, and then went into the store, where he collapsed.

A lone shell casing was found at the scene. The victim’s blood covered the ATM in the deli’s entrance and was spattered on the ground outside.

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“I saw a kid in the street. He was laid out flat,” witness Luis Hernandez, 24, told the Daily News. “I have no words. It was so sad.”

Relatives said James was a goal-oriented, studious teen who, when he was just 6 years old, began participating in the Beacon Program, an after-school program at a local community center.

“He was amazing. He was a kid who had his mind on the future,” his brother Andrew told the Daily News Thursday. “He was always progressing, always trying to reach his goals. That’s all he did.”

Investigation Report

Civic leaders gathered together outside the deli on Saturday to rally against the surge of violence that they claim has taken the lives of too many minority teens.

“Map the shootings, the stabbings, and the killings, and map the lack of resources,” Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams said outside the deli as dozens of residents rallied behind him. “If the victims were not Black and Brown, you would see a different response from the city.”


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