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Marisia Burton, a 19-year-old Walt Disney World Resort cast member from Orlando, has been reported missing since December 22, 2022. Reports suggest she was last seen at Disney employee housing in Flamingo Crossings East in Winter Garden, Florida.

When news of her disappearance broke, one of Burton’s co-workers allegedly claimed that the teen told her sister that she would rather drop out of the internship program than be fired for missing a day of work. .

Although the information has not been verified, Burton’s fellow Disney College Program (CP) interns took to social media to share that missing a day of work at the Disney College Program without a valid excuse can result in an employee being fired. . A Reddit user also shared that other CPs started asking about Burton around the time her disappearance report became public.

“My daughter is PC. She was there for a year in 2019 and she has been there for almost a year this time,” the user said. “She called me as soon as she saw the brochure. The CPs in the group started asking questions to try to get as much information as possible so they could help. That’s when people started noticing some problems with the story.”

They also mentioned that the circumstances of Marisia Burton’s disappearance were strange:

“It is strange that none of this young woman’s co-workers, roommates or leaders have said anything. They said that she works in Caribbean Beach in express service, but the costume that she is wearing in the photo that is shared is from Hollywood Studios ”.

More recently, Burton’s family has shared possible concerns about human trafficking after she allegedly showed up at a Houston police station with an unknown man and asked officials to remove her name from the list of people. missing.

Marisia Burton’s aunt took to social media to share that her niece was seen at the police station with a “weird man” who allegedly asked Burton to “come here ASAP!” The aunt also stated that she believed her niece was being trafficked to Mexico: “She is being trafficked! Everyone who can get to 2202 St. Emanuel Houston, Texas to stop this man from taking her [sic]. If he goes with her, he’ll be in Mexico!”

Burton’s family is asking for the public’s help in gathering information on Burton’s whereabouts. They will be receiving tips via email at [email protected]/com and will also ask people to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at the contact number provided.

Everything you need to know about Marisia Burton

Marisia Burton is a missing 19-year-old girl from Houston, Texas who lived in central Florida prior to her disappearance on December 22. According to her sister’s social media post, Burton was described as 5’6 and weighing approximately 130 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair.

The teen participated in the Disney College Program and worked as a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The paid internship program is designed for college students who have completed their undergraduate studies.

Burton has lived in Orlando since January 2022 as part of the Disney College program. She was last seen near her residential area of Flamingo Crossings East, an apartment community affiliated with the Disney program.

No other personal information about Marisia Burton was made available at the time of writing this article.