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Marion Krouser Wiki – Marion Krouser Biography

Marion Krouser is the wife of Larry Henry famously known as KingFace is a popular Instagram influencer and a celebrated American Music artist who is known for his support of Donald Trump. He gained a lot of popularity when he became one of the few vocal Trump supporters from the African-American community.

KingFace was a public figure is based in Queens, New York. He was also a popular Instagram influencer and a celebrated rapper.

KingFace is one of the oldest supporters of Donald Trump. The influencer has reportedly claimed that he was an ardent admirer of Trump since his real estate days, but, since Trump became the US President, KingFace started admiring his policies.

Marion Krouser Age

Marion Krouser’s age is unclear.

Marion Krouser And KingFace Her Husband

Marion Krouser is the wife of the late KingFace. Krouser stood with her husband when he was sick until the time of his death. She was the beneficiary and was handling all of Kingface affairs including all fundraisers/ gofundme and the funds.

As of July 1st, Kingface was admitted into ICU in one of the best hospitals in NYC. Unfortunately, his condition progressively worsened with no warning. His illness gave his family no time to regroup, or even deal with the realities of what extended hospitalization does to you or your family financially, mentally, and physically that’s why the fundraiser was started to help in settling his hospital bills.

On August 25, one of KingFace’s closest friend actor Isaiah Washington took to his twitter, thanking his fans for their support and love. He also said that Krouser KingFace’s wife ‘asks for your continued support. love, and compassion’ and that his family needed privacy.

Health Condition

On Aug. 26, KingFace’s friend, Stefan Urquelle, updated his fans in an Instagram Live post on his condition. “KingFace is my best friend and my brother, so I’ll speak for him right now. KingFace is in a coma. KingFace had a very bad kidney infection that spread throughout his body, and he isn’t doing too good,” Stefan said. “I know he’s been in ICU since July 1.”

Another friend, Bryson Gray, also shared that KingFace had been in a coma since July.

In August 2020, there had been reports that the conservative Instagram personality and musician had fallen seriously ill and that his condition was fatal. This prompted tons of KingFace’s fans to flock to his social media accounts to inquire about his health, wish him a speedy recovery, and find out just what was going on with him.

KingFace’s followers were left in the dark for the most part, until individuals close to him began responding on his behalf.

Isaiah Washington, a close friend of KingFace’s, went online to update everyone concerned about the influencer’s health and thanked them for their concern and well-wishes. He added that KingFace’s wife asked for everyone to keep on praying for her husband, but there wasn’t much more context provided on the Trump supporter’s health condition.

Cause of Death

He died on September 29, friends said on social media. KingFace’s friend, fellow conservative activist Rob Smith, confirmed the rapper’s death in a post on Facebook.

On Facebook, fellow conservative influencer Rob Smith shared the news with his followers that he had been told that KingFace died. “I just got word that Kingface has passed away,” he wrote, alongside a photo of them together. “Just a year ago we were taking this photo in NYC. Literally 6 months ago we were in DC for CPAC and got the chance to have a really in depth conversation. I got to know a really deep, intellectual, kind side of this man who had such an outsized social media presence.”

“I’m glad that I got the chance to know him, glad that he changed the conservative movement in this way, and so blessed to have spent a bit of time with him,” he continued. “I sincerely hope his family finds peace and let’s all uplift them in prayer right now.”

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Many of KingFace’s friends and followers echoed the sentiment online.

“I just can’t believe it. I was fortunate enough to spend time with KingFace just a week before he was hospitalized. He was so excited to tell me about his latest project. If only I had known it would’ve been the last time, I would’ve hugged him even tighter. RIP my dear friend,” wrote Gina Bontempo.

“RIP TO KINGFACE. One of the realest people I’ve ever met. He was the first person in the MAGA movement to post my music on Instagram. His video is the reason I bought the ‘Big MAGA hat’. He was the first person to let me perform with him during blexit. RIP,” Bryson Gray wrote.

Our thoughts are with KingFace’s family and friends during this time.

KingFace GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page was set up in August 2020, in order to help Krouser to pay for her husband’s medical bills. The fundraising page said that KingFace was being treated in the intensive care unit of “one of the best hospitals” in New York City. The page has raised close to $80,000.




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