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Mak Parhar was found dead by paramedics at his home in New Westminster, British Columbia, on Thursday morning. His cause of death is still under investigation, Global News reported. A Canadian man died two weeks after bragging about having Covid-19 symptoms and insisting that the virus is not real in live video.

Parhar, who openly opposed Canadian mask and vaccine mandates during the pandemic, dismissed the existence of Covid-19, which he referred to as “convid,” in a Twitch livestream on October 21. He reported experiencing various symptoms associated with the virus, including coughing, chills and fatigue, but said they were “not convid because convid does not exist.”

Mak Parhar Age

Mak Parhar was 46 years old.

Mak Parhar Cause of Death

Prominent COVID-19 denier Mak Parhar, who gained a profile in both the Flat Earth conspiracy community and the anti-mask movement, died at his home in New Westminster, B.C., on Thursday. The 48-year-old man’s cause of death is unknown. A spokesperson for the B.C. The forensic service said a forensic investigation will take place, which could take months.

Parhar has been in the news for the past two years for spreading falsehoods about COVID-19, operating his yoga studio in contravention of public health orders, and being arrested and charged for disobeying quarantine laws. In an inconsistent video on Nov. 3, Parhar said that he had recently taken ivermectin, a drug that anti-vaccines falsely promote as an off-label treatment for COVID-19, although he did not believe that COVID-19 was real. .

“… That horse parasite remover? So I took it and I feel 40 to 50 percent better. But I’m a little depressed right now,” he said in the video. Ivermectin is most often used as a dewormer for livestock and has been shown to be effective in treating parasites, not viruses. Health authorities in the US and Canada have issued warnings about the taking of COVID-19.

An earlier video that Parhar filmed in late October shows him coughing and complaining of being ill, but denying that he has what he calls “CONVID.” “I’m hooked on Advil and extra strength Tylenol for the last two days, that’s the only way I can work. If I don’t take Advil or Tylenol, I’m lying in bed,” he said.

Parhar’s notoriety as a conspiracy theorist grew when he repeatedly violated Canada’s Quarantine Law after returning to B.C. from an American Flat Earth conference in the fall of 2020, something he bragged about to a crowd demonstrating in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. He was arrested in November 2020 and was scheduled to appear in court last week, but the dates were postponed. The Public Ministry of Canada said that Parhar informed the Crown that he was too ill to begin the trial.

In April 2021, Parhar’s lawsuit accusing B.C. The kidnapping and terrorism government for arresting him was thrown out of court for being “patently absurd and pointless. The city of Delta suspended Parhar’s yoga studio’s business license in March 2020 after it made false claims that yoga hot kills coronavirus while encouraging students. ” show up to class despite public health orders that restricted meetings at the time.

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