Who is Mahmoud Khayat (terrorist)? Wiki, Age, Bio, Charges and Arrested, Brother (Khaled Khayat), Investigation Report, Statment

Mahmoud Khayat Wiki – Bio

Mahmoud Khayat Would-be terrorist, who plotted with his brother to blow up an Etihad plane, has had his visa revoked by the Australian government. Plot to bring down Etihad Airways flight abandoned as luggage was overweight.

Mahmoud Khayat Age

He is 36 years old.

Mahmoud Khayat Family

Mahmoud – who has two children and whose wife is Australian – will be deported to Lebanon immediately after his 36-year sentence, the Herald Sun reported.

His sentence, which was backdated to July 2017, carries a parole period of 27 years.

The expelling has been implemented under fortified laws under Section 501 of the Citizenship Act overseeing the Department of Immigration’s capacity to deny residency grants.

Remembered for those forces is the privilege to remove residency for non-residents condemned to prison terms of a year or more.

‘The administration fortified these laws to keep Australians safe and we will be more secure without this person in our nation,’ Home Affairs serve Peter Dutton said.

It is trusted Mahmoud applied for residency without precedent for Australia in 2005 and was supported by his significant other.


Brother (Khaled Khayat)

Khaled Khayat proposed that he himself would arrange to take the bomb and was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

The 2017 plot involved Mahmoud and Khaled’s older brother Tarek Khayat – who fought for ISIS in Syria – and also would have involved carrying out a poisonous gas attack.

Charges and Arrested

A would-be terrorist who plotted with his brother to blow up an Etihad plane has had his visa revoked by the Australian government.

Khaled Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat were jailed for 40 years and 36 years respectively this year after being found guilty of conspiring to preparing or planning a terrorist act.

‘The controller told him not to do that because he had to stay for the continuation of the work here and had to find someone else,’ prosecutor Lincoln Crowley QC told the trial.

The second plot involved poisonous gas which the older brother was going to make at his home following instructions given by the controller.

When Khaled Khayat was arrested police found a piece of paper in his wallet that had Arabic words, numbers and symbols written on it.

The paper was examined by a forensic chemist and Arabic interpreters, who determined that one side of the paper included the correct chemical equation for poisonous gas, while the other side had further details relating to the gas.

In his three-day police interview, Khaled Khayat spoke of walking into the airport with the concealed bomb.

He said when he saw children at the airport he thought ‘Don’t do it, don’t be stupid, don’t do it’ and removed the bomb from the baggage.

But his barrister, Richard Pontella, told the jury that contrary to what his client told police, he never took the bomb to the airport and was actually trying to prevent a terrorist attack.

Investigation Report

Equity Christine Adamson passed on the sentences in the NSW Supreme Court a month ago.

Their inspiration was said to have included supporting vicious jihad and they were blamed for doing numerous preliminary demonstrations during the seven-month connivance.

At the point when the first arrangement fizzled, Khaled Khayat proposed he himself would mastermind to take the bomb.

The plot to cut down the Etihad Airways trip in July 2017 was deserted when their baggage was seen as overweight at Sydney Airport.

On the off chance that they had been fruitful, at any rate 400 individuals would have kicked the bucket in what might have been Australia’s most noticeably awful fear based oppressor assault.

Mahmoud – who has two kids and whose spouse is Australian – will be expelled to Lebanon following his 36-year sentence, the Herald Sun detailed.

His sentence, which was predated to July 2017, conveys a parole time of 27 years.

Quick Fact You Need to Know

  • Khaled and Mahmoud Kayat jailed for 40 and 36 years over 2017 terrorist plot.
  • Plot to bring down Etihad Airways flight abandoned as luggage was overweight.
  • 400 people would have died in Australia’s worst terror attack if plan had worked.
  • Mahmoud has now had his residency visa revoked by Australian government.
  • He will be deported back to Lebanon at the end of his 36-year long sentence.

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