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Hidden world abuses Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was ridiculously gunned down in Greenacre, Sydney on Wednesday night. Ahmad, a famous hidden world figure, was visiting a partner when he was shot with numerous shots.

Just six months prior to the episode, he was released from prison after serving five years for the 2016 murder of gangland rival Safwan Charbaji. He was known as one of the major players in Sydney Crime and frequented the prison.

The famous crook had collected a comprehensive list of enemies in the city. He had proactively left the country because he was worried about his life, but he couldn’t avoid his old neighborhood.

Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad has a wife and children Mahmoud Brownie Ahmad was linked to his significant other, Carmen Piscioneri. Meanwhile, the subtleties of the couple having children are unclear to this day.

She had to sell their million-dollar house while her other half near his brother faced charges of murder and drug piracy.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that she lived in a rented apartment in Bankstown. While Ahmad kept putting energy into the coordinated gang of abuses, Carmen has led a relaxed life.

Not many subtleties are known about Brownie’s better half in the media. She was tied to him until the date of his death on Wednesday night.

Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad Age at the time of his death Hidden world figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad was 39 years old when he was fatally killed on the Sydney road.

Crime Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty referenced that he had previously warned that his life was in danger. Nevertheless, he actually carried on with the coordinated felony group.

He added that he definitely realized that Mahmoud was either in the funeral home or back in prison.

The specialists have asked individuals to share tips or data that they believe could help with the investigation.

Total Assets of Australian Mobster Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad The estimated total assets of Australian mobster Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad is unclear. Nevertheless, he had $1 million in bounties on his head, at the time of his death.

In 2018, his significant other had to sell his million-dollar home when he faced a preliminary lawsuit. He was outrageous as an Australian criminal and hidden world figure.

Police said he planned to leave Australia for a late return from Lebanon, although he was somewhat aware of the bounty on his head.


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