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Lyndsey Gough, sports director for WTOC 11 in Georgia, posted a video of several fans running to her shot, yelling and allegedly touching her and her team while standing with a microphone on the forecourt of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, Carolina. from North.

“Please don’t touch me,” she told a fan. Gough later tweeted: “After the first guy touched me, I started rolling… this isn’t even it. So awkward. Can we respect people’s space? “Towards the end of the video, Gough stepped aside and said,” I have to move. “A sports reporter said she was” raped “by fans while filming a television commercial during the Clemson-Georgia showdown on Saturday. .

Lyndsey Gough Age

Lyndsey Gough’s age is unknown.

Lyndsey Gough, she was ‘violated’ by fans during the Georgia-Clemson game: ‘Don’t

A sports reporter says she was ‘raped’ by fans during her post-game television coverage of the Georgia-Clemson game on Saturday, prompting a divisive response from social media users. Lyndsey Gough, a sports reporter for the WTOC in Georgia, shared a video of her on her Twitter account repeatedly asking apparently drunk fans not to touch her or her team.

“ I got all kinds of rapes during my first live hit from fans, ” she tweeted herself. Then, in a post with a video of the incident, she said: ‘After the first guy touched me, I started shooting … this is not even all. So awkward. Can we respect people’s space? Images of her show multiple fans reaching out to Gough, touching her, and attempting to interact with her while she works. She is heard saying ‘please don’t touch me’, ‘excuse me’ and ‘please don’t touch my team, please no’ to fans leaving the game and approaching her.

Towards the end of the video, she moves to the side, is no longer in view of the camera, and tells her production team, ‘I have to move.’ After the incident, Gough said that she was fine. “She was shocked and exhausted, but we recovered,” she tweeted. After posting the video, Gough received a mixed response from social media users. Some said she was right, while others argued that she needed to pursue a new career.

Touching is out of the question. Period. However, settling in the middle of her “her space” and demanding that everyone obey her arbitrary rules is ridiculous, ‘she wrote @CleanGreenDeal. ‘You can’t just camp in the middle of people and say’ follow my rules’, even if your means. No one agreed with this. ‘


Gough replied, “I don’t think not touching strangers is a made-up rule, I think they are basic manners.”

‘You could try not to stand in the middle of the exit while the game is running out. You are like those weather reporters standing in a flooded ditch trying to tell everyone that catastrophic floods are happening, ” Twitter user @ Brianwi81677636 said, to which he replied, ‘That was not the way out.’

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You settled on a catwalk in a stadium with fans celebrating. If you wanted to talk about the endgame, pretty much everywhere was better, ‘echoed @Dwobers. If you don’t want the interaction of the fans, don’t put yourself directly in the way of the fans. ‘ I’m with you so no one touches you, ‘she replied @ OrangeBl00ded. But I think that even if it were a man, the fans would react the same. They are celebrating and many are intoxicated. To position yourself there was to ask for interaction, male or female. ‘

‘Field reporters like you on game day sites should have someone else with you, in addition to a camera operator, to serve as bodyguards/bodyguards for rogue fans or touchy men while you try to do your job. . I’m sorry it happened, but you handled it well, ” she wrote @ justajeremy39.

“I almost had a panic attack seeing this,” added @VyronykaVyxyn. “ If a male reporter were standing in the same place, those men would have given him space while drunkenly yelling at the camera. Unacceptable.’ The journalist has not accused any of the fans involved in the rape incident. According to her biography on the WTOC website, Gough is a seasoned sportswriter, who recently covered college sports in Kentucky before joining the Savannah, Georgia-based station.

In addition to regular season games, Gough has filled multiple spots in NCAA tournaments, bowling games, state championships, a Heisman Trophy winner, two Kentucky Derbies, and more.


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