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Lyle Waggoner Wiki – Biography

Lyle Waggoner, the devastatingly handsome actor who starred on The Carol Burnett show and the Wonder Woman TV series, passed away on March 12, 2020, according to TMZ. He was 84.

Sourced told the news outlet that he died peacefully in his home last week surrounded by family. His cause of death has not been revealed, but the family said that he was in the midst of battling an illness. He is survived by his wife, Sharon Kennedy, who starred on the 1984 TV series, Eh Brian! It’s a Whopper, and their two sons Jason Waggoner and Beau Waggoner.

Born on April 13, 1935, in Kansas City, Kansas, but raised in St. Louis Missouri, Waggoner was a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman before going on to become one of the biggest heartthrob actors throughout the ’60s and ’70s. In June 1973, he was the first man to be featured as the Playgirl magazine’s centerfold.

Lyle Waggoner Age

Lyle Waggoner was 83 years old.


While many marriages in Hollywood don’t last, Waggoner and Kennedy tied the knot in 1961, and stayed together ever since. They started the Star Waggons company in 1979, which as stated on their website, offer “world-class service in providing custom location trailers exclusively to the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

With over 800 in our fleet of trailers hand-built by proud professionals in our 10-acre facility, we lead the industry in providing our clients with a home away from home. Above all else, we are committed to your complete satisfaction.”

Their now-grown children, Beau and Jason, serve as presidents of the company. When they took over to run Star Waggons in 2013, Waggoner told LA Magazine, “I told them, “If you want me to hand it down to you, make you partners, then I want you to run it as if I had sold it. Because when I step away, I want to really step away.”


They married in 1961 and have two sons, Jason and Beau. He currently resides near Jackson, Wyoming, where he is a sculptor. His works can be seen at Galleries West Fine Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and are usually humorous renditions of lovely ladies, some of which are cast at Eagle Bronze in Lander, Wyoming. He also has homes in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico; Oxnard California, and Westlake Village, California.


After his discharge, Waggoner studied mechanical engineering in the junior executive program at the General Motors Institute of Technology. He then sold encyclopedias door to door. He made his acting debut as a muscle man in a Kansas City production of Li’l Abner, after which he created a sales promotion organization that enabled him to make enough money to finance a trip to Los Angeles and start an acting career.


The actor portrayed multiple character roles on the beloved sitcom from 1967 to 1974. He appeared in 173 episodes and attended the 50th anniversary special of the series which was held at CBS Television City in 2019.

In 1979, Waggoner founded Star Waggons, a company that leases customized location trailers for use by the entertainment industry. In 1990, Waggoner co-produced and appeared in a consumer-product show called Consumer America with co-host Shawn Bruner. The show featured novel national products from self-help to home goods and lasted about two seasons.

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Waggoner retired from full-time acting to run Star Waggons, but he makes occasional appearances, often parodying his earlier image (The Naked Truth, That ’70s Show, and Return to the Batcave).

In 1993, Waggoner was the host of an infomercial, “Let’s Talk With Lyle Waggoner”, which advertised “Y-Bron”, supposedly a natural product that would cure male impotence. Scottsdale, Arizona-based Twin Star was later fined $1.5 million for unsubstantiated claims about Y-Bron.


He was stands to height of 1.93 m.

Net Worth

Lyle Waggoner is an American actor and former model who has a net worth of $10 Million.


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