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Louis Partridge Wiki – Louis Partridge Biography

Louis Partridge is a British actor and model. He is best known for his starring role as Lord Teweksbury in Enola Holmes alongside Millie Bobby Brown. He previously starred in Medici (2016) as Piero de’ Medici, as well as Paddington 2 (2017) as G-Man. He also had a role in Amazon Adventure (2017) as Young Henry Bates.

“I was auditioning for Enola Holmes in the run-up to my GSCEs in England, which are these big exams that you take, and I thought: I should be revising for this [exam], but I’ve got this audition in a week, and this is the most important thing I’ve done so far. I want to do this; the exams can wait,” the 17-year-old actor tells MTV News over Zoom from the very same home in London. “And then I went and did my exam, and I remember halfway through putting my pen down and just being spaced out, thinking: Wow, I got the part.”

Prior to the call, it had been a long period of waiting after his audition in Leicester Square. “I just remember waiting to hear so bad,” he says. “You can fall into a trap a bit where you want a part so bad and you don’t get it, so I try not to want too bad, but I couldn’t with this one.”

Landing the part, however, did come with a caveat: ”It was the worst exam I did of the whole of my GCSEs,” he reveals between laughs. “I did 10, and it was the worst one I got. I’ll take the Enola job over a better grade, that’s for sure.”

Louis Partridge Age

Louis Partridge was born on June 3, 2003, in Wandsworth, London.

Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown

In Enola Holmes, Louis Partridge plays Lord Tewksbury, Millie Bobby Brown’s love interest. He credits his producer and co-star Millie Bobby Brown with helping him to bring confidence to the role. He told Vogue, “She has a great way of making you feel completely at home, and like you’ve known each other for ages. I was very, very grateful for that when acting alongside her, and there was this chemistry that had been developed off-screen that we could bring on screen. I loved it.” However, developing that chemistry was not without its mishaps. Louis said, “I’d done two chemistry reads before we started filming, and one went significantly better than the other. Millie told me the other day that she distinctly remembers me having very red ears — because I was so nervous! My mum had told me to wear a shirt for my ‘big audition’, and I ended up having to be blotted down.”

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Louis Partridge stands at a height of 6 feet (1.83 m).




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