LOONA’s Yves Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Height, Net Worth, Fast Facts

LOONA’s Yves Wiki, Biography

Yves, one of the five LOONA members who lost the lawsuit against Blockberry Creative, sent an emotional message to his fans on the Fab platform on January 15, 2023.

The 25-year-old singer is the second member to speak openly with fans about her issues after the results of the lawsuit recently made headlines. Since her contract was reviewed a year or two ago, the courts decided it wasn’t “unfair enough,” leading her to stay on as a Blackberry Creative artist.

Although Yves did not explicitly mention the lawsuit, the idol did talk about the difficult times she has been experiencing recently. She shared that she felt a crushing pain in her chest and apologized to fans for not being able to update them. At the beginning of the message, she wrote:

“ORBIT, (LOONA fandom name) this is Yves. I’m sorry I couldn’t update them. Every day was heartbreaking for me… I felt so trapped like a truck was crushing my chest that I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to show it to you guys… sorry.”

Meanwhile, the other four members of LOONA, Heejin, Choerry, Jinsoul, and Kim Lip, have won the injunction and can now proceed to terminate their contracts.

Yves asks ORBITs to trust and support LOONA in an emotional message after losing a lawsuit

LOONA has been on a troubled route for the past few months, and the general public has been made aware of it due to media reports. After fans staged a successful boycott campaign that led Blackberry Creative to postpone the comeback of 11 members of the group, the results of the injunction for contract termination also made headlines.

In a court ruling on January 13, HaSeul, YeoJin, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye lost their injunctions against the agency. While HaSeul talked about certain things on January 14, Yves sent another emotional message today, January 15. She spoke about how heartbroken she felt and added that she was confused about the future.

“Now I am so used to the despair that I feel even when I open and close my eyes, so I wonder what I can do. I don’t know how long it’s going to take or how much more pain I’m going to have to go through, but I’m going to try to do as much as I can.”

She continued:

“With this feeling of being on the edge every day, I apologize again because the only thing that can do is hold on to Orbit. Finally, trust us. I love you orbit.”

A day before Yves’ message, HaSeul confirmed that the reports in the lawsuit were true. Nine LOONA members have reportedly filed an injunction to terminate their contracts after the agency removed Chuu from the group, citing abuse of power. The reports were not confirmed by Blockberry Creative or the members. The results of the injunction were similarly reported.

On January 14, HaSeul took to the Fab app and mentioned that the five members who lost the case will have a difficult journey moving forward. However, they will continue to fight until the end with the support of their fans. YeoJin also sent messages to Fab, making fans even more excited.

Meanwhile, the comeback of 11 members of LOONA, The Origin Album [0], has been postponed indefinitely. Including the five members who lost the case, ViVi and Hyunjin, who did not participate in any lawsuit, are also Blockberry Creative artists. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the group.