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A jury believes that Angharad Williamson, John Cole and a teenager murdered a five-year-old boy after a very long time of abuse.

It seems like the stressed and crushed expressions of a righteous, awakened mother to find that their beloved child has evaporated. Angharad Williamson’s sickening phone call with police just hours after her child was murdered and left in a stream was just an arranged execution.

Each time he was found in a stream in South Wales last July, the young man had 56 external wounds. Ben Mwangi, Logan’s father, was in court to hear the jury’s decisions.

Who is Angharad Williamson on Facebook? Angharad Williamson is a murderer and the mother of Logan Mwangi, a young man. Obviously, she’s not dynamic on web-based entertainment venues like Facebook.

Williamson, her accomplice John Cole and an adolescent lawsuit who cannot be recognized for legitimate reasons, were charged with the murder of her five-year-old child Logan Mwangi, whose body was found in the Ogmore River in Bridgend, just yards away. from her house.

In a stunning film captured by a neighbor’s CCTV camera, Cole and the adolescent retrieved Logan’s body from Williamson’s home at 5 Lower Llansantffraid, Sarn, in the early long periods of July 31, 2021.

Williamson guaranteed she had no information about her child’s passing and was willing to be thrown out as trash, but the game was over.

Despite claiming to have snoozed at the time while her accomplice and the young adult discarded Logan’s body, Williamson was seen walking around Logan’s room, with the lights on and off while Cole and the adolescent were gone.

Williamson sent them back outside after they returned to toss out Logan’s dinosaur pajama top, which had been torn during an attack.

Who is Logan Mwangi stepfather John Cole? Everything We Know About the Murder Trial The investigation will also examine what has been a significant awareness of John Cole’s experience recently. His haunted past has now come to light, he recalls a previous assault on an adolescent, and it is believed he was enthused about the Front National.

Cole disdained Logan’s resemblance to his unique father, who is of Kenyan descent, as indicated by the court, suggesting prejudice could be affecting his tendencies toward Logan.

His body was found to be wounded, scratched and scratched from head to toe, with more than 50 areas of injury – and many more individual wounds – noted during the assessment.

His brain, liver and stomach were all damaged. Rees expected his passing to be slow and painful.

Angharad Williamson Imprisonment and Mugshot Angharad Williamson, 30, her beau, John Cole, 40, and a 14-year-old boy were seen in full as genuine guilt for a similar misconduct.

After Logan’s murder, the three respondents wanted to “clear the scene and build a path to direct the police down an unacceptable street,” as indicated by the investigator.

She said Williamson, 30, and Cole, 40, worked together before the murder to hide Logan’s wounds from social specialists and the police, including an arm injury and neck constipation.

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