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Lisa Marie Presley – Judge Halts Attemped Auction of Elvis Presley’s Graceland

A judge in Tennessee and gaveled off the potential sale of Elvis Presley’s Graceland. A company had filed documents claiming the singer’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, used the iconic home as collateral for a $3.8 million loan in 2018 but then failed to repay it before she died. The sale at the Shelby County courthouse was scheduled to take place on Thursday, but Lisa Marie’s daughter — Riley Keough, the sole trustee of the estate — filed suit last week calling into question the documents Nausanny Investments used to file for the sale, as CrimeOnline reported.

“Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC appears to be a false entity created for the purpose of defrauding the Promenade Trust, the heirs of Lisa Marie Presley, or any purchaser of Graceland at a non-judicial sale,” said the lawsuit.

Keough included an affidavit from the Florida notary public who allegedly signed Naussany’s documents saying she not only didn’t sign the documents but had never met Lisa Marie Presley.

“The notary has sworn that the notary did not notarize the signature of Lisa Marie Presley on the deed of trust, which brings into question the authenticity of the signature,” Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins said at the end of a eight minute hearing on Wednesday, ABC News reported.

Someone purportedly representing Naussany filed for a continuance of the hearing, but Jenkins denied it.

“The court will adjourn the sale as requested because one, the real estate is considered unique under Tennessee law and in being unique, the loss of the real estate would be considered irreparable harm,” he said, adding that “Graceland is a part of this community, well loved by this community and indeed around the world.”