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Lindsay Birbeck Wiki – Biography

Lindsay Birbeck, went missing on 12 August 2019 while walking in a wooded area and was later found buried in Accrington Cemetery, Lancashire. Preston Crown Court heard her attacker had been prowling the woods for lone females.

Rocky Marciano Price attacked Lindsay Birbeck, 47, in woods close to her home before he later moved her body in a wheelie bin to Accrington Cemetery where he buried her in a shallow grave.

The body of Lindsay Birbeck, 47, was discovered wrapped in two plastic bags on August 24 last year – 12 days after she went missing, which prompted a huge search by police and members of the community.

Price, of Whinney Hall Road, Accrington, was found guilty by a jury at Preston Crown Court on Wednesday.

On Thursday, trial judge Mrs. Justice Yip ruled that the public interest in knowing the identity of Mrs. Birbeck’s killer outweighed concerns over his welfare.

Lindsay Birbeck Age

Lindsay Birbeck was 47 years old.


Rocky Marciano Price murdered Lindsay Birbeck on the Coppice in Accrington before burying her at the same cemetery as his namesake grandfather. Rocky Price calmly walked away from the Coppice two hours after murdering Lindsay Birbeck. His tracksuit top was unzipped, his chest was bare and his knees were wet.

With nothing but his own two hands the 16-year-old had just inflicted catastrophic injuries, leaving the teaching assistant’s neck cartilages completely crushed and before causing more damage by “stamping, kicking or kneeling” on her neck. Price was a stranger to Lindsay. They had never met before. It was a completely unprovoked attack carried out while Price was “prowling” the area looking for “lone females”.

Without panic or fluster and acting completely alone, Price hatched a plan to hide Lindsay’s body in a wheelie bin before burying her naked body in Accrington Cemetery five days. This was the same cemetery his namesake grandfather and other family members were buried in.

After being convicted of her murder, Judge Mrs. Justice Yip today (August 13) lifted reporting restrictions allowing his identity to be published for the first time. During his eight-day murder trial, LancsLive heard many details about the teenager which we could not report fully until now.

Price lived with his parents Martina, 37, Creddy, 47, and five siblings in the Whinney Hill area of Accrington. This has been the Price family home for around three decades.

With a significantly below-average IQ level of 65 and a diagnosis of autism and ADHD, the special educational needs pupil attended The Alternative School in Barnoldswick several afternoons a week and was described by teachers as “very quiet, pretty much non-verbal most of the time”.

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Price, now 17, would barely engage in conversation, even when it was on a topic he was interested in like chickens.

He loved taking care of chickens on his family’s farm and also enjoyed watching films, including Western’s, and playing on his Xbox.

Investigation Report

The judge said: “This was a dreadful crime which understandably generated strong public interest. The public will naturally want to know who this person was as they come to terms with something that rocked the local community.”

Mrs. Birbeck left her home in Burnley Road, Accrington, for a late afternoon walk to a nearby wooded area known as the Coppice.

She had invited her teenage daughter Sarah and Sarah’s boyfriend for tea at 6 pm, and when she did not return her family raised the alarm.

Price, who was 16 at the time, had been on the prowl in the woods for lone females and is thought to have killed Mrs. Birbeck shortly after she entered the Coppice.

His parents took him to a police station several days after Mrs. Birbeck was found when police released a CCTV clip of a young male pulling a blue wheelie bin behind him on Burnley Road.

Family members of Price as well as some of his teachers and members of his gym recognized him in the footage.

He admitted dragging the bin from the Coppice on August 17, with Mrs. Birbeck inside, across Burnley Road to the cemetery.

But he claimed he was not involved in her death and that a mystery man had approached him in the area with the promise of a large cash reward if he disposed of the body.

On Wednesday, a jury at Preston Crown Court rejected his account and convicted the youngster of murder after deliberating for more than four hours.

The verdict was returned exactly a year after Mrs. Birbeck went missing.

Sentencing takes place on Friday.


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