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Lex Fridman Wiki – Lex Fridman Biography

Lex Fridman is an Artificial Intelligence research scientist working on autonomous vehicles, human-robot interaction, and machine learning. He describes himself on his twitter about as an AI researcher at MIT and beyond. Podcast host. Not a robot.

Lax is based at the Massachusetts Institution of Technology but also continues his research in various other places across America. He received his BS, MS, and PhD from Drexel University where he worked on applications of machine learning, computer vision, and decision fusion techniques in a number of fields including robotics and human sensing.

He has also worked at Google on machine learning for large-scale behavior-based authentication, and has his own Apple and YouTube Podcast called ‘Lex Fridman Podcast’.

Lex Fridman Age

Lex’s age is unclear.

Lex Fridman on Joe Rogan’s YouTube podcast

Lex recently appeared on Comedian Joe Rogan’s YouTube podcast ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ which airs on his YouTube channel PowerfulJRE. Rogan sits down with celebrity individuals from all walks of life, from singers to sportsmen, scientists to politicians, and chats to them about anything and everything. His podcast YouTube channel has almost 10 million subscribers and is hugely popular across the world.

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Watch the episode here.

This isn’t actually the first time Joe Rogan and Lex have met, as the researcher has actually appeared on the podcast before. In fact, this is the 5th time he’ll be chatting to Joe, and it gets better and better every time.

Fans loved the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, which featured a face that isn’t very familiar to most of us, but he has actually appeared on the podcast four times before! Don’t be fooled by his monotone voice, because the episode is actually really great.

If you’d never heard of Lex before yesterday, then you probably want to know a little more about him – and here’s everything you need to know.


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